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Screenshot Captor / Re: The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread
« on: September 08, 2013, 06:30 PM »
I realize you don't get rulers - guess because you don't do tasks where they're useful.  But if no one used them, devs wouldn't put them in & continue doing so for yrs, decades.

I agree, lots of ways to do what you're suggesting - maybe better than rulers.  I didn't want to suggest difficult options.
text showing you the exact size of your selection at the bottom
Well... 1) the #s at screen bottom are usually small (in this case - very).
2) (I suppose) many consider looking at a crosshair on ruler ticks as taking less concentration than reading 2 numbers.  Just looking at a line - if it's lining up, vs reading 2 #'s.  From a "theory of learning" standpoint, the latter takes more concentration.

I'd like to see (in any editing app) values for crosshair location, area, etc., in big, red #s - right above  current position or image.  Then disappear, once done w/ selection, moving, etc. (& then just show at screen bottom, as usual).

What's an "optional top pabel?"  Label? Parable?  Pablum?  Pablov?  Table? :D  Any of those would be great for showing cursor position, starting & current cursor / selection line position, area; esp. table, label, pop up box w/ values, etc.  Not sure about a pabel.

Figured if I couldn't get the font size at bottom of main GUI increased (cursor selection position, area,...) or Options UI, had no chance for something like you're describing.  If you want to bounce ideas off me, that's fine.

Many editors (even simple image viewers w/ some cutting / cropping function) have grids, as well.  With varying capabilities.   They're also useful for certain things.  I have > 1 wrench & screw driver in my (real) toolbox.  I can barely pick it up.

CMPM - uh, I already gave some examples of how they'd be useful.  If you don't like rulers, you don't have to see them - they're off by default, so they won't cause blindness.  :)  There are other tools in SSC that I've rarely used - I don't berate others (that's right - I said it  :D) when they talk about tools or issues, that don't concern me.  Be a tiny bit tolerant.  

How can I post an image or created icon, or anything I used a ruler on (or many other functions ), when evidence of using a measuring tool, grids, & many other tools disappears after finished?  That goes for a 100 tools in a 100 apps.  No one uses rulers present in 100's of apps, incl. screen caps., editors, drawing, PDF, word processing, on & on??

Screenshot Captor / Should SSC ask to save changes when there are none?
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:45 PM »
In latest SSC ver., & some before (IIRC), after saving an edited image, then immediately going to close the editor or open another image, etc., it asks if want to save the changes or...
Shows the box /w options:  Abandon changes..., etc.

If you've just saved an image & made no changes afterward, should it be prompting to save changes or abandon them or anything like that?  Most apps don't if no more changes were made.
Yes, if changes were made, it should remindDon't want to turn that off. 

Otherwise, if no changes since last saved, I find it annoying - bit of waste of time.  Maybe another setting I missed.

Screenshot Captor / Re: The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:35 PM »
I ain't isn't familiar w/ screen calipers, but thanks.  Rulers on image editors (even pdf readers, word processors - w/ image pasting ability) aren't exactly "high tech."  I only gave SOME uses, not that everything had to be a matter of + / - 0.05 px, for them to be useful.  :)  It doesn't have to be for microscopic applications.

You're correct, most rulers (that end at 0), have offset #s.

Screenshot Captor / Re: The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:00 PM »
Thanks.  Tried it in Vista x64.  Mostly works - couple tweaks needed.

Got Odd msg from ? SSC, when change prefs to show rulers, about "out of system resources."  Definitely NOT out - not even close, nor did SSC hang.  After I dismissed msg, went on OK.  Got msg again, but then no more (uh-oh, see below).  Maybe was because closed / reopened the new "ruler version?"  Will see if happens again.

* Yes, it happened again, when resized SSC UI, using SSC "restore down" button.  Every time.  Haven't rebooted, but using portable version - no need.
Doesn't seem to affect anything, except having to dismiss msg.

Lots of uses for rulers, if using some of more advanced capabilities of SSC or similar apps.  That's why many apps in same "class" have them.  See screen for ONE example - are many others - BETTER than quick one I picked.  Maybe choosing exact size for an icon image; placing an object exactly in middle of existing image or 7 px away from edge.  Getting into artistic uses of SSC.  It's not a plain Jane screen cap. app.  

For plain captures w/ simple text box or arrow, rulers aren't much use.
They're about precise measurements - selecting or placement (on images), not for when "eyeballing" is plenty.

Couple things noticed about rulers look / behavior.
1. When 1st opened an existing file (automatically opened by SSC), the rulers  weren't aligned w/ top, L corner of image.  Off by 1/2 in. or more.
After I hit auto fit or "100%" for image size, ruler / image suddenly aligned.  Didn't catch what size the image loaded at - nothing odd about that image.

2. The '0' on ruler is partly cut off.

3. Cursor should probably be diff color than ruler ticks - makes easier to see exact position of cursor cross hair, when lined up w/ a tick mark.

4. Tick mark for every 5th px (or 1/2 in. mark, if allows scale choice) should probably be a bit longer (upward, as at 0, 10, 20...).  Easier / faster to visually find mid value (or other) between marked values.

5. This SSC version allowed me to add a text box that extended past the captured image area (to left)??  Can see when saved, it cut off part of text box.  Don't know if had anything to do w/ ruler not being aligned, but ruler misalignment was for a DIFFERENT image.

Couple of screens - just samples how some apps handle crosshairs / rulers.  100 different ways.

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:54 PM »
Thank you very much.  Many that use the feature (in that way) will appreciate it.

My intent is NEVER to say SSC isn't an overall good app or to insult / inflame anyone.  But NO app, anywhere, is perfect.  That's why they're all constantly "improving" - at least changing.

Sometimes, seems certain apps' "improvements" are a step back.  :)  Sometimes, devs are working w/in limitations - no fault of their own.

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:20 PM »
Thanks for your input.  You asked, I replied.  No disrespect.
If others  like SSC caption as is or don't use it, great.  :D  My suggestions are on need for longer descriptions / instructions AND space limits for text boxes, ON images. 
Sometimes need longer descriptions - somewhere.

If some believe captions should only be a few words, OK. Not suggesting anything new that some other apps don't do.

Here's what I'll do, for SSC caption > 1 line (until / if SSC caption is tweaked). 
1. Capture (or crop) image taller than needed. 
2. Then add text box in unneeded area
3. Then crop to final area ("cut" function would be great for that).  That'll work...
Much easier to use another app w/ better designed caption, which is why I'm suggesting improvements.  If happy w/ current electricity provider, please ignore this offer.  :)

Two line captions w/ blank line are common - on anything.  SSC pop up caption box fails on that (I think).  It's more difficult for some to read text in the 1 line caption field.  Sorry.  In SSC caption pop up, text is much larger.
Caption's aren't word processors.  But, look at other apps' captions.


Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 07, 2013, 01:50 PM »
Don't get "snippy" (get it?  snippy... snipping... screen capture).  Ah, forget it.
Trying to provide positive criticism.

1) Increase height should be default behavior - if caption text line is too long.  Probably >80% prefer it.

2) Put options specific to captions formatting, on the captions UI, not in prefs.
If have options for captions like,  "Reduce font size [possibly to 0.5 pt]" or "Nothing", put them on Captions UI - where easily accessible. 

3) Have a standard pop up text entry box w/ the basic, available formatting tools, at top of the text entry box.  Similar to any other apps'.    Never seen a captions "entry box or UI" like SSC's.  But don't hate SSC.  I love's me some SSC. :-*   The one line entry field, w/ tiny font, no line wrap, no idea of how many characters will fit over the width of current image - isn't useful. 

4) Line returns (before text reached end of actual caption box) AND allow paragraphs / blank lines, just as  typing in SSC text boxes allows.
** Makes more sense to add them when composing, so caption height will be increased.  That's how most caption boxes work.

  The pop up "ellipsis" caption text entry box has an "oddity."  I realize this is how someone coded it, but "outdated."
** Hitting Enter, ends editing & adds caption to image.  It should just cause line return, as typing in an SSC text box does.

Now, using Shift + Enter in pop up caption box, allows line returns & adding blank line, but then blank lines aren't displayed, in caption.  And no editing caption box.  You CAN edit text in a caption; add blank lines - IF room allows - often doesn't. 

5) Basically, make like SSC's text entry box, but really needs formatting tools *easily available* - somewhere near (as most apps w/ captions do).  Same general behavior as every other app w/ caption or text box entry, of any kind.  No need for "uniqueness" here. 

6) Increase font size on Add Caption UI (& all others).  Even if wanted to use the available commands / fields, can't read them.
** Add Caption UI has many good options - it's not like its UI / font HAS to be so small.  The UI is resizable / draggable - but font remains tiny.  Make font a bit bigger & open a bigger GUI screen, to begin with.

Whether Mr. M wants to do any of this - ever, is his business, but the way captions works now is far behind many SSC's features & clumsy compared to some other apps.  I'd think captions would be one of most used features.  Maybe not.  I use them frequently, so usually use something that makes them very easy - like FastStone 5.3 (ooold free ver).

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:45 AM »
Have you tried these different options for captions yet?
Thanks very much for pointing it out.  'Splains a lot.  :D  However, that's one issue - those options for caption behavior should be on the caption entry UI, where can be seen & quickly changed - not have open options, each time want to change captions prefs.  "Out of sight, out of mind."

No, I haven't.  Partly because of trouble reading the very small, crowded text on some SSC options UIs (as mentioned earlier). BUT here...
mostly because, in several hundred apps, never seen default behavior that might reduce text, any where, to unreadable size.  Most probably wouldn't guess it was an option.  

[/u]"Reduce font size to fit on one line," maybe shouldn't be default.  And / Or have a limit how small it can go.  It WOULD be useful for spy communications.  :)

The captions default, single line, text entry field & instructions are difficult to see / use (likely for many others).  Like writing on a postage stamp.  The pop up box probably should be default entry method, showing actual text size.  Almost no apps behave as SSC for captions or similar features, for a reason.
caption... it's a standard text memo box.
IMO, it's anything but standard.  I can't remember any app of any type, that similar function works like SSC.

IMHO, there are some "different than any other app" behaviors like this, that don't make it easier or intuitive.  Just different.  I'd never guess it was intentional, default behavior.   (I don't hate SSC).

I captured a screen that matches actual GUI poor quality for caption entry typed & instructions text, but upload process darkens & actually increases apparent size some.  Dunno.  Reduce the quality of this screen by ~ 40% & size by ~ 25% & that's what I see in the GUI.

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 06, 2013, 07:38 AM »
It's often easier (as things are now) to use a text box, than the caption.  If not enough room on capture for desired text, expanding the canvas (some call that resizing), then adding text box is still (sometimes) easier than using caption.
EDIT 8/6/13_10:30 3:30 PM CDT (tough night!):  SSC's a great app & Mouser (& the Traps) - possibly 1 of greatest programmers of the 19th  21st cent.  Seriously, he's a nice guy.  

Using the pop up "..." box (need better name / icon?  :)), it displays apparent line wrapping in that box?, but when add a caption, if a line's too long, at selected font size, it doesn't use line wrap (as the "ellipsis box" showed).  It reduces the selected font size to something tiny, so longest line fits on one line.  Not useful for a caption.
Most apps' captions auto resize caption box (height) to fit entered text @ selected size.  SSC don't doesn't.  (some capture apps don't have any caption function; or don't resize AFTER adding caption, which is OK, but do size the box according to text & font size).
If it's too much trouble to fix the caption feature, maybe modifications to text box, so it can (if want) function more like typical captions.  Dunno.  Just throwing out ideas.
Except for captions creating their own, new space, the 2 have many similarities.

Quick expand canvas is fine, except most times (I) don't need it on all 4 sides & the expansion size is set.  It'd be fine for fairly short text boxes / "captions," but rest of expansion is often unneeded to add text box.  I guess the quick expansion is more for ???

Screen shows "adjusted" font size, after entering a line too long for caption box.  Original font size selected was 20 (20 what?  Was ~ to 10 or 12 pt.).  Now illegible.
<u>2nd screen </u>shows 20 size Arial font selected.  Also, shows the very small font of caption GUI.  Looks worse than shot looks.  No way <u>I've found</u> to save the screens of *<b>any</b>* app's poor quality GUIs, so when posted, look as poor as actual GUI.  Dunno. 

With great respect for dvally & his book sized magnifying reader  :D, no one could read the down sized font on the caption; font size on add caption UI pretty small, for many to - easily - read.

You can make them, or there are lots of free, non copy righted icons, from a lot of sources.  I've spoken to Fx theme devs - finding free icons isn't much of a problem.  I've easily found many to choose from, to modify the Fx native theme.

Don't HAVE to be unique - most apps' toolbar icons aren't unique.  Even some of existing ones might work better if color was added.
But ones that are, or almost identical need changing or modification; preferably in a way that at least "sort of" conveys its function.

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: September 04, 2013, 03:16 PM »
dvally - thanks - I think there was some friendly banter in there, somewhere?

Fact:  A high % of apps - free or not - that take feature requests or bug reports, are often overflowing w/ them.  They don't hate the apps.

Why would it be any different for anyone - like you or Bill Gates to make suggestions or requests for SSC?  "don't mean we hatin' on SSC or Mouser."   
I never said SSC was terrible.  If one doesn't spend much time using an app, they're may not even notice what might be improved or changed. 

IMHO, like most apps - could use some tweakin'.  Don't mean a thing.  Why do the largest, most successful software devs continue to "improve" their GUIs?  They're already successful.
Millions make requests / suggestions for apps - constantly.  Most never get implemented.  If they do, may take yrs.  Everything changes.  The order of the universe.

SSC & some apps may look better / different in W-7, 8 than Vista - dunno.  Some people like gray toolbars w/ gray icons (or black w/ almost black ones).  Some people like purple cars & others - white.
Many others & I  favor icons that, in some cases, are not identical - or nearly so - for different functions.  :)  Many like icons don't almost blend in w/ the background, like camouflage.  Just a thought:  wonder how that affects people w/ color blindness or other vision problems, that aren't related to "distance correction?"  Lots of flavors of vision problems.

Seems like yesterday that people in wheel chairs might be SOL getting in buildings.

On a diff note:  Today, in a school where my spouse taught just a yr ago, there was a fatal stabbing of 1 teen & critical injury of 3 others.  Unclear at this point if all / any were actual students (or just walked in) - but all were young.  For some pupils at some schools, almost like a prison training camp.  [I had a teacher who explained that "student" denoted someone who studied.  Then there are "pupils."  Least, that's what she said.]


Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.30_Few UI questions
« on: September 03, 2013, 01:40 PM »
dvally, thanks for the helpful reply.

No, if all apps / UIs gave me the same issue of tiny font size or clarity, wouldn't be asking just for SSC changes.  May have mentioned it - almost no apps I use (quite a lot) still have this problem - w/ MY Vista settings.  I've tried every thing I could dig up in significant research.  Except, make Vista font size HUGE, which would make text run off of many app UIs.  Tried that - doesn't work. Nor make my new HQ, 1920 x 1080 monitor into a low res one.   Course, I don't use every app made.  I'm sure many others would have same issue.

I'm not a coder, so can't go into specifics of why some app do / don't respond WELL to me changing Vista settings, or why don't do something in Vista that they will in another OS.
My only point is, vast majority of apps (freeware or commercial) don't have much issue for me being able to read their UIs.  Many offer option to change font size / style.  Just an observation.  No hatin'.

But, w/ Vista changes I've made, font selection & all "typical" suggestions, I can count on 1 hand the apps (I use), still having very small and / or "not so clear" display.  EVEN w/ SSC, it's only * select * UIs or SOME text on a page / the main UI - not all of it.

For the few apps STILL w/ limited  "poor / small text" may be where:

- have very limited data on a page - not a closely spaced - making easier to read, even if not the best / biggest font.
- pages rarely looked at, or only very briefly.  Not main GUIs where spend a lot of time, nor prefs pages w/ lots & lots of data, tightly spaced.

I recently RE visited issue of making fonts clearer, even larger, in Vista.  Made 1 or 2 changes not already used - made a bit of diff in some apps, some Windows screens, etc.  May even helped a bit in SSC - not too much.

Not judging here.  It's up to any dev what they want to tackle.  I just report what I see.  "That don't make me a hater."  A couple of devs agreed that fonts on certain UIs was a bit small / not clear & changed some, but maybe it was a lot easier for them than for SSC.  Some users on some forums seem to act as though, if others makes change requests or give examples how others do something, that they "should just move along - use something else." 

In some of SAME forums / bug reports / feature requests, they're FILLED w/ (sometimes) TINIEST, super personalized change requests.  I think that's termed, "pot calling the kettle black." 

Some users (some places) go off, make rude comments, because someone wants to be able to read a UI or other very basic requests.  Don't get it.  I'm gonna stop voting in elections - that's asking for things to change.  :D

Possible to change several side toolbar icons that are almost identical?  Free icons are available lots of places.
Ex.:  Resize Image & Resize Image to Preset ... are same the same icon.

Possible to change color of several others - almost same color as toolbar background color (Vista Basic theme) and / or are very similar to each other?
Don't want to use Vista Classic / Standard.  Anyway, wouldn't solve issue of icons looking very similar.

Never found a way to alter SSC toolbar background.

Possible to add option to have text beside icons, since so many look very similar & / or are close to background color?

Possible to get icon(s) for some commonly used functions, like Redo, added to icon list?  Some that I've never used have toolbar icons, but not a redo?  Probably others.


I'll reply in more detail later, when have time.  Either some don't understand (I'm not making clear) the simplicity of what I'm talking about, or got way off track.  What I mean isn't complicated.  Several capture apps have "cut" feature & almost? all half decent image editors.  SSC is way more than screen capture app.

Yes, you can "remove data."  What takes more KB - complicated foliage background or black?  Just an example - took a 564KB pic & cut it all (extreme experiment) - left black background.  Resulting file took 46 KB.  You can remove data.

If want to remove certain interior parts of an image, to make smaller size for emailing, posting (other reasons), or just cut some parts away, then "cut selection" tool has a place.
MAYBE using pixilate tool wouldn't use much more data than black (after cutting) - dunno.  Not tested.

It IS very nice that there's a lasso selection tool, to outline then crop.  Can eliminate lot of data.  Maybe I want to cut out the girl next to me at some party - who knows?
  Guess can then apply ragged / fancy border, or is that another app?  
There ARE ways to do it in SSC now.  Some may be lot more trouble than a simple "cut selection" & "cut outside selection" button w/ shortcuts.
Only diff in "cut outside selection" & "crop to selection" is former doesn't recenter image.

When is not centering after cut (or crop) useful?  When have RULERS in many apps - even word processors (I requested heap many moons ago.  Ugg).  And if you want remaining object aligned w/ rulers.  That goes for any kind of cutting, cropping, chopping, dicing.  

W/ rulers, after any kind of cut / removal (or crop, but NOT recenter), can continue work using actual measurements (on a ruler w/ moving cursor marks at horiz. / vertical rulers - also suggested), rather than trying to focus on the image & position of selection lines / cursor AND reading the tiny, tiny  coordinate values way down at bottom of screen.

Don't get me wrong - BOTH values at screen bottom (or somewhere) AND rulers are useful / needed.  One wrench doesn't fit every nut.
I just prayin' that Mr. Mouser von Traps makes 'em numbers (& Options font) so th' looks bigger on my Commodore 64 screen.

I have problems looking at 2 objects - on opposite sides of the screen, at once - especially if nearly need hand lens to see one of them (x, y coord. / total area,etc.).

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.5 options GUI font INCREDIBLY small
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:47 PM »
Don't think I'm misunderstanding anything.  Just responding to suggestions that my higher than default DPI setting had something to do w/ small font (messed up font, SSC couldn't cope scaling, what ever) in SSC Options.  It didn't / doesn't.  Someone's gotta make up their mind.

Worstje said he had a 24 in. monitor, sat > arms length from monitor & Options font was like reading N.Y. Times Headline (paraphrasing).
Which is it - the Options GUI font looks BIG on large, high res screens, or SMALL?  I'm not changing the resolution on an expensive monitor to suit one apps' GUI because it wasn't developed like most all other apps'  options / preference screens.  That would be really stupid - spend good money on a high res, HD monitor then turn it into a low res monitor.

Is that really what you think should be done to make the Options font on par w/ other apps?  Or should the dev correct it so it uses reasonable size & style font, like most every other app?  See the other screens I posted.  They're all on the same monitor, at same resolution & same DPI.  They're quite readable.  SSC isn't, because it needs work.  My monitor isn't the problem (apparently, as other apps look fine).

The splice or splice deluxe tool is very nice, useful for specific purpose, but isn't what I meant.  Not sure there's a way to do what I mean, other than method described below.

Meant  a few possible things.  If just want to cut off one corner - not a vertical / horiz. slice off one side of image.  I guess you could use obfuscate, but I'm talking about actually removing a square or small rectangle from the image (& removing data that must be stored) - but not a strip across the entire width / length.  Don't always want to take a slice off entire width.  Many screenshot / image editors do that.

Or select what I want to cut out of the middle & keep the area around it - the opposite of cropping.  Many apps allow that.

W/ SSC, to cut section(s) out of middle or picture, can make selection (rect., circle, lasso), then invert selection, then crop & it removes selected (inside) area, not crop TO the selected area.
That's OK on a couple of image or couple of areas, but gets old fast on lot of images or numerous cuts on one image.  I'm not sure why "cut selection" or cut outside selection was left out, since it's a common feature in others.  SSC goes well beyond just a screen capture app, more into the editor category.

Maybe if I could read the Options / Preferences screens, I'd figure it out?  :D

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.5 options GUI font INCREDIBLY small
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:46 PM »
Mouser (aka, Fmr Mouse & the Traps),
Don't believe it has anything to do w/ Windows DPI setting (as I mentioned).  So, reset Windows to default 96 DPI - rebooted.  Attached is resulting SSC screen.  Didn't change SSC Options font size one iota.
SSC Options fonts have always been tiny compared to almost any app's options / config screens.  They were running under what ever the Windows DPI happened to be - at any time - & I don't know of one w/ smaller, more crowded font than SSC Options.
I am sorry that it makes it harder for those of you who prefer large fonts

"Prefer?"  Come on - now you're just insulting most people over 50 & anyone w/ slight eyesight issues - really.  Has nothing to do w/ preference.  The font is tiny.  There's no other way to put it.  IF... it's some OTHER setting in Windows or... I'll be happy to look at it.

After resetting Windows to 96 DPI, rechecked PicPick / GreenShot Options screens.  They're a bit smaller than before, but STILL WAY easier to read than SSC.
FORGET about "trying to rescale dialogs to match large fonts."  Don't scale ANYTHING.  TOO much info crammed into tiny spaces.  

Need to enlarge size of GUI screens;
Pick a font that doesn't cram letters together like sardines, or have character lines (strokes) ~ 2 hairs wide;
Use a slightly larger font;
Space lines slightly farther apart.
If enlarge GUI some, should be able to do this & not have to worry about scaling fonts.

BTW, notice on the shot - "Enable / Disable Toolbar Buttons, can't read most of the text.  Window too small & no horiz. scroll.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.5 options GUI font incredibly small
« on: August 26, 2013, 04:55 PM »
Thanks.  Again (not sure why) - my screen shot looks better than the actual GUI.  A bit bigger & a lot darker.  Don't know about ClearType & taking screens (if that's what u meant).
Attached example Options screen from PicPick.  Much larger, or at least easier to read.

SSC has TOO MUCH info crammed into too small a space.  Either need larger screens - spread into out, or more screens - less info on each screen.

1) When I was much younger, I could read the fine print on backs of credit card offers from 2 ft. away.  That means nothing now & neither does fact that some can read  < 7 pt (crowded, NOT very dark or heavy weight) font.  Enjoy it while you can.  Trust me, unless you're exceptionally fortunate.

2) Light weight, crowded 7 pt or less font, is not "fine" to VAST majority of people > 50 (if that's what most users actually see on the GUI).  Ever see older folks looking out from UNDER their bi  / tri focals, to look at small print?  
It don't take long to open Wordpad, select Arial or MS Sans Serif, type a couple words, change it to one of these fonts & sizes.  Compare to your actual SSC Options GUI.

Now, if others are GETTING LARGER  than 7 pt on their monitors, please offer suggestions.

3) Some text on my orig. attached SSC screen, under "Default Comment" & "Available Fields" are even SMALLER than rest of the font.

Here's UNedited, actual size samples of PicPick & GreenShot Options screens.  Fonts & spacing on THEIR GUIs are "FINE."  SSC isn't.  All the screens under their options look about like this.  If they can do it, anyone can.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.5 options GUI font incredibly small
« on: August 26, 2013, 04:02 PM »
Verbal & worstje, thanks for replies.

Looking at your 1st screen of SSC Options, font size in the SCREEN you posted is almost 2x my actual GUI font size (easily 1.75x).  If you're actual SSC Options font really is that big, I'd be fine w/ it.  How do I get

I use a 1920x1080 HD - LED monitor.  Set Windows DPI @ 110 to make fonts on most screens plenty big.
Yes, tightly spaced lines (w/ small font) are much harder to read; MORE SO, the older you get, EVEN if have 20/20 lenses.  Unless apps / GUIs like this are only intended for those < 40 or w/ perfect sight, 7 pt (or less), light weight, tightly spaced font is hard to read.  And on SSC Options, there's a BUNCH to read.  It makes sense to enlarge the GUI & font.  This GUI size isn't just personal taste for me - it's seriously hard to read THAT much material w/ small, tightly spaced font.

Other apps that have complicated, detailed options / config screens, mostly use considerably larger fonts & often make each "page or menu" of options, extend the entire monitor height, (or what's needed) so they don't make it so tiny and / or crowded.  Because they understand what Verbal said about line spacing (& font size) means to the older crowd or to anyone w/ SOME vision issues.

As mentioned, if anyone can tell me how to make the SSC Options GUI font bigger, I'm listening.  BUT - to do that, the GUI will need enlarging.  Yes?
I don't know who the idiot was that made it so small... Opps - sorry about that.  (I'm just kidding around). ;D

Mouser's not the son of the (or original) leader of the rock band, Mouse & the Traps, based in TX in '60's & 70's?  I jammed w/ that guy & one day, he just disappeared.  Some said he gave up music & became a great programmer...

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.5 options GUI font incredibly small
« on: August 26, 2013, 03:35 PM »
Wow, that's a mouthful.
The font size looks decent to me,

Where does it look "decent size?"  In your Actual Options screen?  Or looking at my screen shot?  I noted that AFTER my shot is attached on the forum, it makes the font looks bigger & darker than the actual GUI or the actual screen shot (when viewed in SSC)  - least, to me.  I promise, font is much smaller & lighter in actual GUI.

AND - as mentioned - some font on Options GUI is even smaller than the rest.

What do you consider a "decent size," in terms looking in a word processor, Wordpad, etc., at a similar font style, same SIZE - that's in SSC Options?
Can you type in something in Wordpad (look like Arial) & change font size till it matches SSC Options GUI?  What is the pt size that matches YOUR SSC Options GUI?

If you type in normal Arial (no bold, dark) @ 7 pts or less, in an editor / processor, is 7 pt Arial a "decent size" to you?  It's sure as hell not to me or most people my age, even w/ corrective lenses @ 20/20. 
7 pt or less is what matches my SSC Options GUI.  How old are you (rhetorical question) & how far is your nose from monitor?  Using laptop or desktop?

Yes, I increased my Windows font DPI - only to 110 (default = 96).  That works great w/ 99% of everything & I use a LOT of apps.
But, increasing DPI SHOULD make the font on Options GUI a bit larger - not smaller (if it affects it at all - it doesn't, AFAICT). 

I only recently increased Vista DPI from Default.  The font on SSC's Options GUI has ALWAYS been tiii-nyyy. 

Some apps for some GUIs ignore Windows settings (it seems).  Many increase menu & some GUI font size based on Windows settings - even based on font sizes chosen in Appearance Settings > Advanced.  Some apps ignore it all.
Thus, rather than forcing letters to always be tiny, it is a simply matter of the UI not having the capability to adjust alongside the dynamic nature of bigger letters
Not sure I understand your intent, there.  Sounds like you're saying, SSC doesn't have ability to adjust  Options GUI font based on Windows settings.  Not surprising - lots of apps can't.  If so, has absolutely nothing to do w/ Options font size being tiny in 1st place.  UNLESS you're hinting that increasing Windows DPI actually caused SSC to REDUCE its font size?  Don't think it did that (hope not - that'd be crazy).

Screenshot Captor / SSC 4.5 options GUI font INCREDIBLY small
« on: August 26, 2013, 02:23 PM »
Sorry, but font on SSC Options GUI (especially some parts) is incredibly small & almost unreadable for me.

Can users change the Options GUI font?
NOTE:  Size of "apparent" font in attached screen (in my Fx browser) appears a bit larger & considerably darker than actual GUI or actual capture, viewed in SSC's editor.

My vision is corrected to 20/20, but all older eyes DON'T focus as well / quickly.  This is similar to reading fine print on Credit Card agreements.

Is there a reason the overall GUI size must be so limited, forcing such tiny font?

Please increase Options GUI size & font size to something everyone can read.  Option to choose one's own font name, size would be very nice, as many apps do for GUIs.

Screenshot Captor / Re: problem resizing caption box / object
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:16 PM »
User's log: Stardate 20130825.12.N.R.D.  Update of request to SSC Command to revamp "Add a Caption" feature.

Adding initial Caption Text w/o wrap ability, at time text is added is very inconvenient & "outdated," compared to most ALL capture / image editing prgms.  Adding captions & process of having to resize canvas AFTER entering text, in order to expand caption box is cumbersome & time consuming.

* Caption box function needs overhaul to be on par w/ most prgms' caption features - even ones as old as FastStone 5.3 (last free ver.).

* Caption box should automatically resize up / down (depending on chosen placement), using wrap, AS text is entered (as most others do).

* Should be option ON the caption entry GUI to change font name / size / color & simple formatting (bold, italics...) as other apps behave, NOT force changing size & formatting from controls OUTSIDE of caption entry GUI.
* Not force a canvas resize, then expanding caption box, then change font size (if desired).  THAT is hit or miss, guessing how much to expand canvas, to fit caption at given font size - not expanding canvas too much / little to fit caption. 

Often requiring 2nd canvas resize, or initially resizing WAY too much, then going thru cropping process to rid extra space.  All more time consuming than most any prgm w/ caption feature.

cathie28 out.

Still like to see "Cut Selected Area" option added.  It's all the rage - everyone's doing it !

Screenshot Captor / Re: SSC 4.30_Few UI questions
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:51 AM »
Are you through chewing? :D  My eyesight is a bit WORSE than before, though get my eyes examined every yr & change glasses if ANY vision change.  All that aside, the tiny font at SSC screen bottom (status bar?) is really TOO small for anyone > 50 & DEFINITELY those having hit the big Six - 0.

Again, * RULERS .*  No rulers AND -  Total Image / Selected Area values at screen bottom are much harder to read (too small) than need be.

PLEASE Suh, have pity on de old folks or those w/ < perfect sight.  At least an option to make it larger.  Rulers would be nice.


Screenshot Captor / Version 4.30 shows v4.03
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:04 PM »
I searched & found this issue reported on a quite old version.  Don't know if it ever got fixed.

SSC 4.3 - portable (in Vista x64) - shows "4.03" at the top, L of main UI & also in "About."  Whether accessing "About" from toolbar or tray icon.

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