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Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Paste As File
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:40 AM »
Just tested the app on my work machine, and unfortunately the context menu button isn't showing up (whether or not there's something in the clipboard). I'm guessing it's a 64-bit shell issue (I'm running WinXP 64-bit, because I have to :-( ), although it didn't work when I ran in the 32-bit shell (%systemroot%\SysWow64\Explorer.exe) either. But it works like a charm on my 32-bit laptop :)

@skwire Thanks for your willingness to create such a script. Maybe it would be better, though, if the functionality were added to (or fixed in?) Screenshot Captor (if I'm not the only one interested in such a feature). And I'm happy with the PasteAsFile solution, so no pressure from me anymore :-)

@c.gingerich I can't believe I never thought of generalizing the idea to pasting anything in the clipboard into a file - genius! And I tried it out on my Win7 32-bit machine - works like a charm. Thanks!

try using the post capture "Pop Up Choice Dialog"
Thanks for the suggestion, but there are no options for "simply open a windows explorer window and paste" :-).

Also, I tried on my Win7 Pro 32-bit laptop and still got nothing when pasting into explorer :-(. I'm gaining an appreciation for all of the coolness of Screenshot Captor, though!

When I try to paste into Win Explorer I don't get anything (and Paste in the context menu is grayed out). However, I can open mspaint and paste in the image, so it must be in the clipboard. (I didn't realize that this functionality is supposed to be present because I didn't see any options for it or suggestion that it was possible in the description I read :-)

This is on a WinXP x64 machine. I'll try later on my Win7 32-bit laptop. Maybe it's a 64-bit shell issue?

@mouser I may be missing something, but it seems that your directions allow me to get a copy of the screenshot into the clipboard. However, I don't see a way to paste that screenshot into an explorer window to create an image file of that screenshot. (Of course, I could auto-save to a directory or paste the image into Paint and save it, but that's not what I want.) Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Finished Programs / DONE: Paste a screenshot in windows explorer
« on: July 31, 2012, 12:09 PM »
My request is detailed on SuperUser, but basically I would like to use the standard PrtScn/Alt+PrtScn keys and then use Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert (standard paste keys) in a windows explorer window to "paste" that screenshot as a new file. Optionally, a popup will supply a default name and allow me to override it.

It looks like MiniCap provides 90% of what is needed...


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