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  • Wednesday January 20, 2021, 10:39 am
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I guess it's more about having a new interface that's more friendly about it. And then there's the fact I don't want to control a mouse at all ever if I'm using a gamepad. I honestly don't even know where I'm going with this lol, it's just a vision I've had in my head for some years. All programs would have to be rewritten for the new controls and things like that so it's just not happening. Just think like if you had Windows on an Xbox or some console, and all you had to control it and do everything is with the gamepad. Virtual keyboard and all. I think that's what I'm seeing.

Using a playstation controller:
Years ago, when the playstation-to-USB controllers came out, I got one and started using it to control my htpc.  The bad thing is that there's a long cable, ideally it would be wireless.  The other bad thing is the mouse control: using a d-pad or joystick to control the mouse is way less convenient than a gyroscopic airmouse.  But overall, this is a decent solution.  You'd want to use one of those joystick-to-pc software.  I forgot which one I use, I can check when I go home.

This is actually what I'd like to do, minus having anything to do with controlling a mouse. Basically I'd want something that could be controlled by menus with the d-pad. Like, the whole computer being controlled like that. No more clicking X buttons, instead press Square > down, down, A! :D  (although I know that's possible through current keyboard shortcuts but yeah just a new interface that does it all basically)

Yep... I found that out a long time ago! So I thought you people would know something about it, or am I really that one-in-a-million?

They're not really what I'm after... they're all being specific with what they handle. I want to just use the whole computer in an alternative way with a gamepad, and having a good UI like a media center does, would be nice. Butttt I don't think a media center is the word for what I'm after...

I hope this is the right spot for this... Ok so I have a dream! :D I've been attempting this for years off and on and after seeing PS3/XBOX and PC Media Center stuff. I sooo want to control the whole PC from my gamepad with the *buttons* and not even touch the mouse! Kinda like the PS3 XMB thing. I'll explain...

My goal is to be controlling my PC completely through the gamepad, away from the PC, without using any sort of mouse (even virtually), or the keyboard. The gamepad buttons will push certain keys and shortcuts. That's actually where I'm at, but I have to remember a billion buttons and combinations. I'd like a nice interface that let's the A button play/go/etc on whatever item is selected, and the B button cancel. Basically I want the computer to be like a game console with menu navigation! I hope I'm explaining this right...

Media Center on Windows 7 is really nice and would be nearly *perfect* if it would handle all files, but it only sees the files it wants to see, and for example I can't navigate to a "foreign" .vgm music file. Media Center can be completely driven by keyboard I think, and therefore gamepad if you use Joy2Key or Xpadder. It even has a virtual keyboard that you can navigate with the arrow keys and push A and it'll type it.

Soo if I'm making any sense here, is there possibly a Media Center kind of thing out there that would let me navigate the whole computer like Windows Explorer would, except in a nice Media Center interface with full gamepad or at least keyboard control? Every Media Center I've used seems picky about what it will actually see and launch.

The best I've gotten to controlling the PC with just gamepad is using Xpadder with like every button and a half mapped to a keyboard shortcut. Like, Flip 3D is Triangle+Left/right, close tab is tap Select, close window is hold Select, scrolling through a page is the left analog stick (PS3 controller). A bunch of stuff like that.

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