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General Software Discussion / Re: DVCS ?
« on: May 22, 2011, 12:10 PM »
As you probably know, a lot of Windows applications (text editors, IDEs) use F3 and Shift/ctrl+F3 to move to next/previous occurrence (can't talk about Linux or Mac as I haven't really worked with those in the last couple years and I forgot...). I couldn't say for sure what the standard is, but F3 is what I'm used to... Hence the "awkward" feel.
OK, I'll try to add (Shift+) F3 in the next 2.1 build. Unfortunately, this will be hard-coded and not customizable, because only the shortcuts for menu items are customizable.

- Some other shortcuts feel a bit weird. E.g.: Ctrl+T for staging. I immediately changed it for Alt+Enter, and Ctrl+Alt+Enter for editing the index, which seems much more natural when reviewing changes using Alt+Arrows. This is personal of course... but just saying.
We took Ctrl+T from the Git GUI. BTW, I have changed Alt+Up/+Down to F3/F4 so I only need one hand for navigation...

- After staging some content, the focus always moves to the newly staged file, which interrupts the "files modifications reviewing". There might be a way to prevent that but I haven't found it. Question: Could the focus remain at the top of the list and not move? When reviewing files before committing , it's inconvenient to always have to move back to the top of the file list or where the other file to review is located.
We'll try to find a solution.

- Some tooltips seem too verbose.
E.g., in the files section/table : "if selected,  unchanged files will be shown".
Why not simply : "Show unchanged files" ? It's more "to the point" IMO.
IMHO "Show unchanged files" is ambiguous: it could mean the current state or the action which happens when clicking. Hence we decided to be precise.

@ewemoa: it looks like Microsoft is the only one which does not comply to the Microsoft Windows standard (F3). ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: DVCS ?
« on: May 19, 2011, 01:26 PM »

I'm Thomas Singer from syntevo, one of the developers of SmartGit. I was drawn attention to this thread.

Dunno which app(s), though - I wasn't all impressed when I checked out SmartGit, but can't remember exactly why, guess I'll give it another chance. I think my 'meh' was partially causes by the program being implemented in Java, and (worse) not having an option to use the system JDK but installing it's own separate copy.
SmartGit offers three download bundles for Windows, the default one which includes a Java Runtime Environment (so the normal users are using a tested JRE version), one without a bundled JRE (requires an installed one) and a portable one with JRE (stores its settings in the same directory structure, so it can be installed on an USB stick).

It does miss some other important ones though, like “blame”, “stash”, “clone –bare” (last one : surprising, to say the least… Unless I missed something [I did miss the "stash" command which was very obvious  :-[ ] ).
"blame" is on our todo-list. Could you please explain the use-case behind "clone --bare"? Isn't a bare repository usually located on a server without GUI?

I did encounter a few problems and solving these problems meant dropping to the command line. E.g. : how do you "correct" a rebase that’s stalled… and won't abort nor continue ? hmmmm...  8)
Do you mean, that SmartGit sometimes hangs during a rebase? This bug has been fixed in version "2.1 early-access build 5". This was caused by Git trying to open an editor and waiting for it to exit.

The manual is ok, but not as clear as Tortoise’s, IMHO. Very dry, almost no graphs… and so it remains slightly abstract. I’d almost rather read Git’s man pages (not bad at all btw).
You are right, our manual is a weak spot.

On a related note, I've started to investigate gitk and am noticing that it seems to produce more search results than SmartGit for the same search terms in some cases.  It appears that SmartGit doesn't load all commits [1] by default and the searching only seems to take place over what's loaded -- once sufficiently more commits are loaded, additional search results seem to come up...

[1] Found a "Load all commits" menu item via the Query menu.
"Load all commits" does not load all commits from the repository (which might be too large), but instead loads commits which are not reachable from a branch or tag any more, e.g. those which remain after performing an amend-commit. Maybe one has a better name suggestion?

Wow, nope, I didn't know about the search as you type feature.
Thanks for sharing all this!
Yes, the arrows do feel a bit odd, but I'll get use to it.
What shortcut did you expect? What we can do to make the "search-as-you-type" feature more noticeable?


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