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Post New Requests Here / Re: Select Random Line from Text File
« on: November 24, 2008, 06:44 AM »
Hi Verathis,

sorry to reply this late, but I am moving right now and had no internet access during the last days.
You can check the source code in the .ahk file, which is one of the attached downloads to my original reply. Just open that file in an editor and you have the source code...

I have to admit,  I didn't comment the code, which is really bad programming practice, but it was just a shorty :-)


Post New Requests Here / Re: Select Random Line from Text File
« on: November 18, 2008, 08:55 AM »
Hi kartal,

I don't think this program is going to support spamming, BUT I wouldn't be too surprised if suddenly somebody new to this forum suggests a website or tool "which is really good for this purpose"  ;)


Post New Requests Here / Re: Select Random Line from Text File
« on: November 18, 2008, 04:52 AM »
Hi Verathis,

just had a couple of free minutes available right now.... so here is a very simple solution:

In the AHK script you can define a default text file if you want, otherwise just call the EXE with the textfile as an argument
RandomLine_simple.exe MyQuotes.txt

I hope it helps...


General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox 3 Released
« on: June 18, 2008, 06:00 AM »
Hi Ehtyar,

I'm missing TabMixPlus something cruel, but other than that I'm OK.

You can find a version for FF3 here (its a Dev-Build, but works flawless for me):


General Software Discussion / Re: LoudTalk - anyone tried this?
« on: May 20, 2008, 11:06 AM »
Actually, you can find it at:

Living Room / Re: PIN-code
« on: May 16, 2008, 11:22 AM »
Same to me, I have no idea how I can possibly recover my "lost" PIN code with this technique.

Hi Ampa,

I am not sure if this really helps, since it can't replace the %20.
Nevertheless it replaces the given string with the filename.

Code: Javascript [Select]
  1. ^.*/\d{2}\s(.*)\..*$
  2. $1

In JavaScript this could be done like this:

Code: Javascript [Select]
  1. result = subject.replace(/^.*\/\d{2}\s(.*)\..*$/g, "$1");

I think the best solution for the %20 is to replace these using the JavaScript replace command or using a second regular expression.

Hope it helps...


Hi guys,

Just click on the offer, then you'll get the details for that deal.. here you can see that the correct original price is $ 58.00 instead of $ 50.00.

FireShot capture #2 - 'Macro Scheduler Software Discounted' - www_software-dod_com_2nd-chance-macro-scheduler_htm.png

I guess he just hit the wrong key on his numpad (at least I would like to think so  :-\)


Hi J-Mac,

for which version of SFFS you don't have a help file? I am using right now version 3.76 and access the help file by clicking on "Introduction" in the "Help" menu.


General Software Discussion / Re: Attention Mod
« on: January 28, 2008, 03:56 PM »
Hi everybody,

While reading through all the post concerning this topic my sometimes weird mind came up with a somewhat more complicated but maybe more effective and nun disturbing idea....

If I understood it correctly, you want to have an option to call an "expert" into a thread if his/her help is needed.
Implementing an easy solution to call a specific person can be quite annoying and disturbing as a couple of people pointed out earlier.

What do you guys think about the following system ....

Well, my system needs some setup.....

- Specific topic/fields should have assigned "experts", the information about this assignment is non public (there can me more than just one "expert")

If a threat is in a need of an expert a logged in user can trigger a SOS call to a specific expert-group by clicking on some "SOS"-button and choosing the desired expert-group. Such a help request is only issued if the thread had already a specific amount of replies and also if a specific amount of different users triggered the SOS call in this thread. This way the users in the thread first have to try to find a solution by their on and also have to agree on calling an expert. (Example: A thread needs at least 10 replies and 4 different users asking for an expert before such a call is issued)

When such help request is issued a PM is sent to all the members of the expert group and a help request for this topic is shown on the forums main page, allowing also non-assigned experts so visit the thread and help with the problem.

Just my 2cents on such an "Invitation"-System.


Living Room / Re: download the "unable-to-download swfs"
« on: January 28, 2008, 12:33 PM »
Hi papoj1,

Actually, I have quite some mixed feelings about this post, but for the learning purpose I am going to do it nevertheless.

As pointed out earlier the problem is easy to identify. You need to download quite a few additional files to run the game locally.
To identify the needed files you can use a program like URL Snooper, a Flash-Decompiler or even a Hex-Editor. Using one of these tools you might be able to identify the missing files. To play the game locally you need to download all of the following files from

  • main.swf
  • intro.swf
  • RyuB.swf
  • Stan.swf
  • Brian.swf
  • Steve.swf
  • Lois.swf
  • Peter.swf
  • Stewie.swf
  • Roger.swf
  • Klaus.swf
  • Hayley.swf
  • Chris.swf
  • Francine.swf
  • Meg.swf

All these files must be placed in the same folder. If you now open the main. swf in your browser the intro should load and you should be able to play the game locally.

Hope this helps,


couldn't find the time until now. Hopefully I can check it out this evening.
Will report back about the differences then, especially about the mentioned change in the GUI.


Post New Requests Here / Re: NW IDEA: Drive to open on Dated folder
« on: January 22, 2008, 08:11 AM »
Thanks, but its actully all jgpaive work.

jgpaiva: hope it was ok that I changed your code.


Post New Requests Here / Re: NW IDEA: Drive to open on Dated folder
« on: January 21, 2008, 06:34 PM »
Hi nogojoe

I got bored tonight, so I just made the changes I suggested earlier.
Maybe you can try the attached files and see if this version is working also on your system.

Since I just changed the date divider from slash to minus you can call the .exe or the .ahk script as stated before.

Target :   C:\Tools\OpenTodayFolder.exe I:\
Start in:   C:\Tools

The directory containing your daily download should be named like: 22-01-2008 and should be located under I:\

Hope that helps,

Post New Requests Here / Re: NW IDEA: Drive to open on Dated folder
« on: January 21, 2008, 06:10 PM »

maybe the problem is raised by the '/'-sign.
My XP-system doesn't allow me to even create a directory containing the slash.

I would suggest that you try to substitute the slash with a minus or underscore.



I just found a new 4.00 preview/beta version on the download page.
That version will expire on February, 28th.

New Features

  • Completely redesigned GUI.
  • The Profile Overview is now the main screen with a toolbar and a context menu.
  • New Synchronization Preview Features:
          - Collapse folders and show their statistics.
          - Collapse All = F11, Expand All = F12.
          - Discontiguous selection using Ctrl and Shift.
          - Improved visual appearance and additional menu items.
  • New Restore Wizard, with the ability to use the database cache for the source, as well as a target date for the restore.
  • Three choices of schedulers: internal, background, service.
  • Background scheduler and service more seamlessly integrated.
  • Browse FTP and other online storage sites for folders.
  • Folder hierarchy displayed when selecting subfolders for FTP and other sites.
  • Exact Mirror Mode now has a "Configure" dialog with two sub-options.
  • Redesigned Scheduling settings in the profiles.
  • One SmartTracking or Caching Database can now be shared among several profiles.
  • The database can now store infinitely long paths (both ANSI and Unicode).
  • New ZIP-Compatible AES Encryption (256-bit).
  • New checkbox: Auto-Start Background Scheduler With Windows Login.
  • Scheduler tab sheet shows running parallel profiles even when service scheduler is stopped.
  • Finding Moved Files is now blazingly fast.
  • A French translation is expected in February, a Macintosh version in March.


Hi markan,

I would really appreciate the voucher. Since I have to do a lot of the tasks Automise is able to do, it would be really helpful to me.

Thanks for the great offer...


Living Room / Re: Agnitum Outpost 4 .... dumped
« on: December 03, 2006, 08:27 AM »
(it could be written as an agnitum outpost firewall addon by the way

Actually, the new version of Outpost has this feature. You can define specific data strings which are not allowed to leave your system as you can see in the screenshot.

Screenshot - 03.12.2006 , 15_15_03.png

And in contrary to all of you I never had any issue with it... running nice and smoothly, just giving feedback on unauthorized actions.


    ... Marc

Enjoying this page for over a year now (mostly quite :-[) I have to start getting more active here....

Well, like most people here, never before I was lucky enough to win something.... this changed two days ago :D.... thanks Ampa for making this possible and of course thank you mouser for giving us this community. :Thmbsup:

Since I just started on a new project I am extremely happy with this software.... thanks again guys (also Alexander Halser from ec-software)!

Cheers.... Marc

Seedling's Software / Re: Updates and Latest Beta Versions Here
« on: April 30, 2006, 06:10 AM »
Thanks for the fast change in the genre selection.  By now I really love your tool!!

Cheers.... Marc

Seedling's Software / Re: Hi Everyone / Random MixTape Maker ideas
« on: April 25, 2006, 03:07 PM »
Hi seedling,

of course the only limitation of this will be that any mp3's without ID3 info will be left out.

thanks for the enhancement. For me it works out pretty well. Of course you are right about that limitation, but I think people who wanna use this feature have a pretty well organized collection.

Maybe you can adjust the genre feature to let the user make a selection of more than one genre; e.g. choosing "Rock" and "Pop" but leaving out "Country".

Thanks again for your nice work...


Seedling's Software / Re: Hi Everyone
« on: April 22, 2006, 04:10 PM »
Hi seedling,

thank for the nice program you gave us...

Thanks for your interest in my apps (currently just Random Mix Tape Maker).

Maybe you find it as interesting as I do implementing the following two features:

  • Just include songs from specific genres (these can defined in a list)
  • Just include songs from a defined time range ( e.g. 1980-1989)

This would give the user the possibility to mix a Tape for different moods or situations.
I am aware that these options will slow down the processing time, but it will greatly enhance the functionality.

Thanks again for you nice work....

Cheers..... Marc

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