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 : O : O
+ Checksum mode is now saved.
Thanks again :)

IMHO I think they are ok...

One thing I still need to add is a way to cancel a scan (either with a button or, say, the Escape key).
Well yes, I thought of using the exit button in those cases :-[ ...

There seems to be an error when loading checksums recursively for a drive. I noticed that the file path has a double "\\" like "E:\\" and it returns an error when is closed. This is the report:

Exception Information
Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000
Record: 0x0000000000000000 Address: 0x000000007c921689

System Information
Windows NT 5.1 Build: 2600
CPU Vendor Code: 68747541 - 69746E65 - 444D4163
CPU Version: 00040FF2  CPU Feature Code: 078BFBFF
CPU AMD Feature Code: EBD3FBFF

PD: Out of laziness could the selected checksum mode button be remembered? : D

Thank you Skwire, really appreciated :):):)
It's working nice here. :beerchug:

It sounds reasonable to me. I actually didn't thought about it and I agree I would prefer not to check other types of hashes that may be loaded and mixed in the list.

Well yes I've used them all the way long for my music (along with foobar :-*... )
I'm out of luck? duh

BTW, Marc.D, welcome to the site.   :)

Thanks :)

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