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Using GridMove 1.19.62, Win7-Ult, native snap disabled

First, thanks I have used this for years and loved it.

Now for the question.
With Office 2010 (specifically Word 2010), when you cut and paste text into a document Word pops up this "right-click"-like menu to choose: Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting, Paste as Plain Text.

The problem comes in when you paste something in Word, causing the paste-menu, and then use HotKeys in GridMove to resize Word. 
Unfortunately, that paste-menu isn't a "menu" but a window, that now resizes to the Grid you wanted Word to resize to.  Word stays at its un-resized size and place.
The workaround is to hit ESC before using the GridMove hotkey (ESC closes the paste-"menu").  But, you know that isn't ideal.
I should add, I never use GridMove via the mouse.  I assume the act of selecting Word's titlebar would deselect the paste-"menu" and everything would then work as expected.
Any thoughts or fixes for this?

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