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General Software Discussion / Re: PHP IDE recommendations
« on: February 22, 2008, 04:11 PM »
I'm wondering why nobody has mentioned Zend Studio. It's been years last time I touched PHP code, but I used this IDE and it was almost like being in Visual Studio (minus the Visual part of course). I'm sure it has come a long way since then.


I love web apps.

I use MediaWiki. It's a pain to setup and to make it work exactly like you want, but that's the beauty, it can work exactly as you want.

I use several plugins that make managing my info a breeze (like a form that automatically creates a page based on the data I enter).

Maybe not exacly what you want, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I think I've found the third answer.

And you mean:

f(height above ground) = top


I'll need to sleep on this one :wallbash:


Nice. Now I'll have to think a while about the f(x) question. Just a small pointer maybe?

f(x) = ceiling
f(x) = palindrome
f(x) = ? (I don't know yet)
f(x) = breast
f(dessert) = distress

Am I going in the right direction?

Oh no, I haven't given up yet, it's just that I have yet to find someone who recognizes the letters.

But I think I might know what "language" it is :) I'll try tomorrow.

So, any hints as to what language is the picture for transcription? I've looked at several asian, european, and from the middle-east, but none looks like the one in the picture...

Yay! I didn't think it would be this easy!


I suck at this... I attached my graph, and it doesn't look like anything...

And here are the equations:

y = 0.5 * sqrt(1 - 4x^2)
y = -0.5 * sqrt(1 - 4x^2)
y = sqrt(4 - x^2)
y = -sqrt(4 - x^2)
y = 3 + sqrt(25 - x^2)
y = 3 - sqrt(25 - x^2)
y = -3 + sqrt(25 - x^2)
y = -3 - sqrt(25 - x^2)

Am I way off or on to something?

Thanks for such an addicting puzzle!

So the last part would be something like this:

x^2+y^2=0.25;x^2+y^2=4 V 25-x^2=(y-3)^2;25-x^2=(y+3)^2

And so if I solve those equations and do a "union" of the pairs I get, I graph those?

I'm just trying to see if I'm following the right path, as I still don't really know what I'm doing :)

Maybe this is as far as I'll get.

Could the answer be like a fractal, or something simpler? I'm really rusty at set theory already, and there are some symbols I don't fully understand :(

Heh, thanks.

I'm now at the geometry equation... Never seen anything like that, but I'll try.

Thanks for the tips. As you point out, I already think I know the answer,
as in Cirque Du ... right? I also tried Sirius, which would be the second brightest star.

Somehow it isn't working :(

I know several people who would love to play something like this, unfortunately, none of them speak english :(

Stuck again... What's the name of the brightest star? I've tried variations in latin, greek, english, and french of the two most brightest stars... What gives?

Oh right... That's what I was doing on my initial attempts, but somehow it didn't work... now it does, thanks!

So it seems I don't know what to make of this:

(2 ^ 64) - 1) / 365.2425

I've tried the result of the above operation, I also tried different variations, like adding the word "billion" or "million" (and removing the related digits).

Do I deserve another hint?

Can somebody help me with the Hanoi puzzle?

I already know the moves and the amount of seconds, but in one part the puzzle asks for the age of the universe, then it asks for the age of the world, and it asks that in years, but the age of the universe has an uncertainty of about +/-200 million years... I've tried several answers, but none works...

Any pointers?

Finally, something I can chime in.

I keep everything in a KeePass file. I just attach scanned copies to individual entries in the DB, they can be PDFs, DOCs, Excel files, or anything else.

This way it's very secure, although the only thing I haven't figured out is how to securely allow somebody else access to my file in case of emergency without making it too insecure.

General Software Discussion / Re: Forum for Linux software?
« on: July 11, 2007, 12:27 PM »
I see your points, and I agree. What about a tag system?

General Software Discussion / Re: Forum for Linux software?
« on: July 11, 2007, 11:11 AM »
Oh sure, I'd participate.

I've learned a lot of cool tricks for the past few months, and I'd love to share them here.

I don't use that many applications (mostly just Swiftfox and NetBeans), but I'd share what I know of the ones I do use.

Oh, and thanks for the links!

Ivan V.

MediaMonkey rocks, IMHO.

General Software Discussion / Forum for Linux software?
« on: July 11, 2007, 09:49 AM »

It's been some time since I've left the Windows world for Ubuntu, and the only thing I really miss are the utilities found on this web site (and I hate the damn way the us int. keyb layout works on Linux).

So I was wondering if it would be possible to have a forum dedicated to Linux talk, to share tips and cool software.

I know there are already several other Linux communities, but nothing like DC could be, IMHO.

Thanks for reading!

- Ivan V.

Developer's Corner / Re: The Best Introductory Language
« on: April 23, 2007, 10:16 AM »
I'm going to blasphem and say something like Visual Basic 6... Or any very high level language.

That's because for me, learning first about higher level stuff, being able to focus more on what I want the program to do, and not the nitty gritty of memory management (to mention just one difficult area), allows me to learn at my own pace.

I first learned QuickBasic, then Turbo Pascal, then Assembler, then a little C++. It was easy for me to understand ASM (even machine code) after Basic and Pascal, plus it helped me understand how those worked.

It could be the other way around I guess, but that's what worked best for me.

I don't know if this would apply to a program like FARR, but how about something to index PDF, CHM, LIT, and other kinds of eBook files?

Portfolio supports everything under the sun (well, not quite), has advanced handling of metadata, searches are very, very fast. It's designed for professionals that work with thousands of images. You really have to explore the program to see everything it can do.

MrCrispy, you may want to take a look at the "Master Keyword List" window to do what you want. You can also use Smart Galleries to do the filtering, albeit it's not as quick as you want it.

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