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  • Tuesday January 19, 2021, 10:58 pm
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I would add a timer - like Fly Lady's <a href="">timer</a>. This one is great - set it for 15 minutes (or 2 minutes) and - GO!

BTW - The new <a href="">GTD for Gmail</a> Firefox extension is FANTASTIC  - I just wish it would sync to my palm...

Good point. As people often say, learning new productivity software is a great way to procrastinate real productivity. (so is posting to lists like this).

Sticking to one thing is among the hardest things we learn - we've been trained out of it for our whole lives - alternatives galore - the great American way seems to say that a wide range of choices is equal to true freedom - while many spiritual traditions say, well, the opposite.

Pare down the choices. Take a moment when you're about to make a change, when you're in that discomfort of "now I'm getting down to work - it's a sign to make a cup of coffee (check the news, email, pee, whatever) - just sit in that discomfort for a moment. Next time, after the moment, think what drives the  discomfort. Try that a few times - just being aware of it is an important first step.

My 7 year old dear son is often saying "I know, Dad" - but the fact is, there's knowledge that is gained from information, and there's knowledge that is gained from experience (usually kinesthetic experience, but not only), and they are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. So, learning to do the same thing over and over is valuable, and not something that can be learned any other way than just doing it.

So just do it. Stick to your routines - they will set you free. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Cool! How much memory does it use to run in background? and how much disk space does it take up?

I have about three programs like this (wikdpad, infomagic, and evrnote) - but I never use them. I end up copying things to Google desktop's scratch pad or regular text files - then I can never find them! Evernote doesn't support non-latin characters, and they are all heavy in memory...

There are a lot of discussions about/like this on forums...

I'm a serious lurker here, and not a coder at all, but I'm in for sure!  :Thmbsup:

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