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So, I went to a backup and restored the into the Screenshot.ini (and and that worked.

One odd thing.  It doesn't seem to start on windows boot.  I have the preferences set to startup.  I can go to the window startup list of task manager and I see screenshotcaptor  in the list and enabled and the properties show it's got the right path.

BTW, my .ini file is on the D drive then the same relative path.  I used standard windows (i.e. nothing hokey) to movie the Documents, and some other dirs, to the D drive.

Somtimes when it comes up it seems to revert to some nascent state where it's lost my preferences and doesn't even know the directory I specified for saving this info.

So, I want to know where/what files this info is kept if nothing else so I can save it off and restore it manually the next time it happens.

Obviously, I would like this not to happen at all.

Screenshot Captor / Re: screenshot captor and NAS unsuable
« on: February 27, 2016, 03:35 PM »
I use the NAS by name, vs IP, and though I do specify my own sharing (specifically, I have the NAS directory shared as a disk and its sharing is specified through the NAS interface). Homegroup is apparently turned on (win 10). 

As per the DNS being 15% slower, 15% isn't the issue.  I think we're more in the 10,000% ball park.

From what I've seen in the past, the kind of delay I'm seeing here suggests something that's querying every file in that directory one at a time (and so a directory with a lot of screenshots is going to aggregate to huge latency).  Perhaps I should make a test screenshot dir on the nas and drop increasing number of files in there to see it it scales.

If that's the case, I guess the only way i could imagine dealing with that is to take over the update of the clip plane (some more manual process).  Easy for me to write.  ;)

Screenshot Captor / screenshot captor and NAS unsuable
« on: February 25, 2016, 12:38 PM »
I have a NAS and I specified a directory on it as my screenshot save folder.  Unfortunately, very time I captured the program became unresponsive for a minute.  I use that NAS all the time for random editing of files etc and I've never seen anything like that.  I've since switched to a local drive and the problem has gone away but then, of course, that requires the local machine to be available etc which is why I wanted to use the NAS for this purpose.

Is screenshot captor re scanning the entire screenshot capture directory every capture or what?

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