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 :) Yes , it works fine.
I think the trick was in the menu " no mouse" in toggle visibillity.
Thank you very much.

thanks for the instant answer.
I will try your suggestions .
Thank you!

I am new in forum and after a search i did not find anything usefull for my probem.
I want to have always in desktop the program, without disappearing, when i open a new window and of course i do not want to be always top.
Let's give you a example :
I want when i open the firefox,  to see only the page and when i closed the firefox to see the circle dock unhidden in my desktop.

I have tried the choises of " dock settings", like  topmost, normal , without success!
Can you help me ?

I have windows xp sp3 , 32 bit processor,framework 2 .0.50727-32 and the circle dock version is
Thank you!

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