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Post New Requests Here / auto pixel color clicker
« on: October 24, 2009, 07:09 AM »
I need something that can find a certian color in a window and click on it.
The color it needs to find should be easy to specify as the color needed to be selected changes often. If possible it would be nice to have like 4-5 colors that it will auto click on with an adjustable delay between clicks. Also it would be nice if it still worked on the window even if it loses focus or could somehow even work in the background.


I only have the latest flavor of .Net.  I make sure of that purposely, because having older versions are nothing but a freaking giant disk waster when it comes to space.
No, I'm not pushed for space, but I do believe in the cleaner the better. Sure, some proggies complain(especially the Older ones(while installing cause .net 2.0 ain't on board), but I manage to get them installed and my 1 & only    latest version of .net steps in and does the rest of the trick on it's own.


I am still using your VIP0.2.9 Test, since I only have the latest .NET installed.

I am thrilled with the changes you had made to it due to my suggestions.

I have become very dependent on using it now.
I also feel that ViP was costumed tailored to fit me and my needs to perfection.

With that said, please accept my small incentive to continue future development.



I just got done playing with your update.
VIP0.2.9 Test is absoutely perfect!
It does indeed have a nice quiet start up now and places everything back to where it was upon exiting. That makes running it and restarting it very smooth now without me having to add any input whatsoever, very sweet!

I only wish that I could help you with solving intermittent slowdown issue. The only thing I notice on this end, is that Vista's DWM.exe's Cpu usage seems to go up a notch while ViP is on. Maybe it's related or not. I wonder if the slow down would happen on a machine with 2 GPUs. It would be a nice test to do.

 :D :-* :D OMG! You are so fast!  :Thmbsup: :-*

You have not only redone it, but have it up and already to go!

As for your question about preferring to have the target windows of the previews be minimized instead of maximized when Video in Picture exits. I was going to say yes, most definitly for my situation. However, for others I am not sure but I have a hunch it would also make most of the masses happier too.

I am very happy to hear and see that your interest is now rekindled with working on the program.  :-*

I will also eagerly post info about it in other forums and share it with all I know.

Keep Rocking,


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