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I'm simple:  usb disk ejector does what I need:

Simply provides me with a list of usb devices (and volume names) that, with 1 click, I can eject.  It's beta, but does what I need it to do.

Check out

Yes, in Italian, but you can switch to english in the top right of the page.  Prefer the interface to the portableapps one.

While is OK, it updates slowly.  Try
Much more active, and don't let the italian put you off.  Just switch to english, upper right.  Offers a number of e-mail clients for you to try.  Also menu system is much better than portableapps.

Just a head's up:  the link to LATEST RELEASE  Download v2.09.01 on
actually downloads v2.08.01  (as of 21 Aug 2007)
Think you need to update the link on this page (and a number of sites linking via this link, e.g,

The link on this page,
is OK

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