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better, but not perfect. the rounded corners still being cut...

I capture modal dialogs like I do with windows. I move them on a white background (desktop with no visible icons).

/e: please notice that my problem is not only about the modal dialog not being active but also that the window is not fully captured since the corners are cut (which is wrong). you can see this behaviour in the screenshots of my first post.

"2. modal window not overlapping main window (looks much better)"
we can see that the window is active, yes. nonetheless the borders are cut.

I know this might sound fussy to some of you but the screenshots I take have to be perfect since they are being printed on our product box, shown on the website, printed in the manual... everywhere ;) I don't want to sound like a "know-it-all" and since my english is not my native language I fail at explaining things in a friendly way :D

I am going to check the version and try a few more things on monday. however, please note that the problem is not only that the rounded borders are cut, also the window is not activated (which you can see by the missing red color on the close button and the border being white instead of blue). also, i configured windows to disable window shadows. the screenshots I need should be active with no shadow and rounded corners :)

thank god for all the good software engineering paradigm
btw in what language is screenshot captor written?

I don't think its a bug in Screenshot Capture... it seems to be the way windows renders modal dialogs.. I will add a screrenshot to show you what I mean.

/e: sorry no screenshot but an explanation. I used a tool called winspy++ to show the modal dialogs attributes. somehow it says the windows size is 520x610 which is exactly the size of the wrong screenshot. it seems to me that modal dialogs are not handled like common windows... sorry that I can't explain in detail what I mean but I don't think that the bug is in Screenshot Captor. However, that doesn't mean we can't find a solution ;)
screenshot captor could check if the current window is a modal dialog (WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME) and if yes, add +x pixels


New translucent window borders and surfaces require completely different processing by screen capture software. But the most annoying aspect of this platform concerns the modal dialogs. Look at these screenshots:
Windows Vista includes a new screen capture utility called Snipping Tool, but it does not work correctly with Aero theme. Surprised? - No, it is Microsoft afterall...

thank you!
it might be a problem in our software. I am not sure... you can download it from
maybe I should talk to one of our devs...

/e: I just tried to reproduce this on other software... it is the same behaviour for example on itunes when you open the settings which is a modal dialog, too.

Screenshot Captor / Windows 7 Modal Dialogs - Aero Glass problem
« on: August 20, 2010, 07:49 AM »
Hello everyone.

In our company I am the one to do all the screenshot-related stuff. I really like doing screenshots and I think the results of my work are pretty good (thanks to Screenshot Capture)! For 2 years now there is a problem which no screenshot tool could solve but maybe you guys know a solution.
When capturing screenshots of modal dialogs (the ones where the "main program" can't be activated) the aero glass window somehow gets corrupted. But let me show you an example:

This is how the screenshot SHOULD look like (I used capture full screen and cropped the image):

This is how the screenshot actually looks like when using "capture active window":

The window somehow loses its focus and the rounded borders are being lost.

Regular windows look great when using the settings:

I hope you can help me since capturing modal dialogs requires additional work while capturing regular windows is great. Batch capturing screenshots took me weeks last year, with Screenshot Captor it's a matter of days (~100 Screenshots with different content * 13 Languages).

Another question I have is not dependent on Screenshot Captor. It is about using ClearType or not when taking Screenshots. Especially when printing the screenshots. But this topic is worth a unique thread.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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