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Thank you, vixay,

Looks complicated. Hmmm, where could I find this python script?

Many thanks again


You could replace the commands to add the file to zip in the python script (see below) with your own python commands to create the file in the destination folder?
Replace these lines
zfAddNullFile(zf, f, (mtime.tm_year, mtime.tm_mon, mtime.tm_mday, mtime.tm_hour, mtime.tm_min, mtime.tm_sec))

zfAddNullFile(zf, dp, (mtime.tm_year, mtime.tm_mon, mtime.tm_mday, mtime.tm_hour, mtime.tm_min, mtime.tm_sec), 16)
with where you prepend your destination to both f & dp. e.g. f = target + f
open(f, "a").close()
Though you would have to google on setting the timestamps accurately. see here   and here

or use zerozipper by skwire and choose your temp directory to be the destination where you want the structure, but to prevent deletion you would have to ask skwire for the changes or the code

Hello Mouser!

 I still use AHK daily! I'm even thinking of setting up a good phrase expander that the entire team can use ( with hints and prompts, because basically people forget it exists, like keyrocket).

Anyway it's good to see that you are still active! I guess mouser's predication of micropayments came true, now it's available everywhere and people use it on a daily basis!

I love the dc community especially the great helpful people here. I still use many tools and it's my goto site for some coding snacks.

Live  life and enjoy!

This is the first time I'm reading about mouser's motivations so it's heartening to see you follow the dream! Live the idea brother!

Anyway if you are ever travelling abroad in asia, look me up and we should meet.

Look's great. I wonder what should be the minimum starting age? 5 is good enough, how about 10?

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