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Edit: I did a quick search and found the following
This developer might be able to tweak their plugin.   Might be other existing plugins.

Yes, a nice plug-in, thanks.  I'm not trying to get people to become members of my forum, though and it seems to require that, although I could check..

In the meantime I have added to and improved my explanation.

Xenforo as my research forum as my main long term file holder (have experience with Drivehq, Google Docs, etc.)
Linode as my host. (So even with a lot of pictures and space it is $25 a month.)
Gentleman in Germany as my excellent, occasional support.  He set up the Xenforo on Linode, I had left vBulletin.

We expect some downloads of our work here as explained in the first post:

Borislav Borisov - Bulgarian paper - epigraphy, graphology, palaeography, codicoligy, calligraphy

The first post explains what we are doing. 
The files go a long way to showing that Codex Sinaiticus is not an ancient 4th century manuscript. 

Please feel free to read and give feedback.

When there is a download, it would be nice to capture some information about who is doing the download. 
Name, email address, any comments, etc.  (At the moment I am simply using Gmail Contacts as my main contact PIM.)
Without being too obstructive. 

Any improvements you can suggest?
Anything better than

Downloads will likely be in the dozens, or possibly hundreds, over April and May.
And we may add other files.

Would prefer not to do any programming at this time.
Not sure if Xenforo has any plug-ins that might help, but prefer to keep it vanilla.



I think PDF Xchange Viewer was replaced by Editor and Editor Plus, although it seems to still be downloadable.

"The PDF-XChange Viewer has been replaced by the all NEW PDF-XChange Editor which extends the power of the Viewer PRO with many new features, headlining, Direct Content Editing of text based PDF files (Not PDFs created from images or scans).  A PDF-XChange Editor License will directly license the Viewer as well as the included PDF-XChange Lite virtual PDF printer."

Editor has a free version, but it does have restrictions.

Not sure yet what is best.

General Software Discussion / short papers for
« on: November 26, 2022, 09:38 PM »
Making some short Bible related papers to place on and to make available on forums.  Usually I write on my forum, but that is not quasi-academic style.

And I like Atlantis word processor, right now I am inquiring about quote boxes and paragraph formatting.  It does look like it has areas like footnoting built in nicely.

An alternative is PDF. I have Soda PDF Desktop 10 and getting PDF XChange Viewer for another reason.  I don't mind paying a bit for the best Editor that does not take me into Acrobat land.

I think my basic question is .. Word Processor or PDF maker.
And which tool?


Thanks!  Good answers. I have used PDF-Xchange Viewer, but not on my current puter and not for OCR.

It will be my first change.

Most of my books are already OCR and searchable, but I am ready to use the tips above.

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