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Should be simple, right?

General Software Discussion / Re: Question, suspicion of a keylogger
« on: September 05, 2021, 08:53 AM »
Wilders is still the king of security discussion.

LMT AntiMalware (Formerly - LMT Anti Logger)

Wilders - Good security apps for protecting against keyloggers? (2018)

SpyShelter -
good notes about it

KeyScrambler - creates lag ?

Zemana in cold storage

"Almost all modern AV (with BB or HIPS) protect against keyloggers"
"I no longer use any Anti-Keylogger since they all had it's issues and I don't have much money."
"Anti-loggers were popular when HIPS and BB were too complicated for basic users, now that BB are everywhere and easy to use, Anti-loggers started to die."
Binisoft Windows Firewall Control is now in Malwarebytes

Test Outbound Firewall

Along with DC this has been one of the really helpful sites with full integrity.

Forum is up.

Very nice, thanks.  Baserow especially might be like an online Listpro or GS-Base (Windows). AirTable simplified.

One question.  ToDoList allows easy-peasy folding up subfolder.  So if you have 10 whatevers underneath, they can fold up.  I don't see this in Airtable. And in general, I think it would be one of the primary questions for any tool, online or Windows. Your thoughts?

Thanks Sphere.

I used Airtable (Online) for the expense ledger, using their template, which I modified.  So far, fine.

And I used ToDoList (Windows) for a quick list of 11 Greek manuscripts (for the heavenly witnesses) and features.
One nice advantage to online spreadsheets, subfolders.

Now I am looking for one for a couple of hundred entries relating to Bible verse evidences.

Note this incredible review page for online bases.

Online Filemaker alternatives: Coda, Zoho, AppSheet, AppGyver, and more
Maria Korolov

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