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Notice that the post you linked to was made four days after the post here that mentioned that feature?   8)
Note that I'm new on this forum (but have been on XY forums for years and feel I know what's current) so when I saw something here that wasn't maybe quite up to date with status there, I thought it approp to mention that aspect...

In the XY forum thread, DonL switched his position on zip at least twice in that thread as I percieve it...from 'not adding' -to- 'adding it' -to- 'not adding' -to- 'adding some', and I'm not sure how the post timings there mesh or not with those appeared to me that twinkler's comments here maybe reflected the "not" phase rather than the later "adding some" phase...that's all I was referring to.

Also, as of July 13th, DonL indicated that he wasn't against it, just not a priority, and the later post I linked to clarified the time frame involved.

Hmm, mail notification about XY updates is already done via the beta forums.  :)
Maybe I'm missing something obvious but I couldn't find a way to do it at the time that I began the blog...but Don updated the forum software since so that may factor into it...and I'm still not sure how one would do so because although I had subscribed to that thread, it just told me (I think) that there are new replies but not the formatted contents of that post with links and such.

To add to my dismay, when I brought this up in the XYplorer forum, DonL made it clear that he doesn't think this is an important feature to add, despite the fact that it's one of the most-requested features.
Have you read the entire thread over there? You may have missed the latest post by DonL where he says:
Well, I'm quite optimistic that i can do browse and extract for ZIP and RAR in September.  8)

For those who missed out on the June promotion here at DC, there's a new 50% off special offer available that is being discussed here on DC forums at Summer Art Madness . The offer ends on Aug 8 so be quick....

BTW, have all the 5 winners from June become members of the XYplorer Beta Forum yet? If not, you're missing out on a great source of help and also the opportunity to help influence the development of the product.

This is my first post here with this ID...
Thanks for coming by, and thanks for your XYplorer Updates blog
-cranioscopical (July 24, 2010, 11:26 AM)
:redface: I try my best to keep my XYplorer blog up to date but given Don's speed of development plus my limitations on time with summer business plus some vison issues, it can be hard for me to keep up with the current beta vers! I try my best but I can get up to a week or so behind...I created the blog for a few reasons:
  • Promote XY in another way to help increase its visibility
  • Provide an easy/alternate way to search update notes other than XY beta forum
  • Provide a way for users to get update notes via email or RSS

Hopefully it's useful to some people out there! I've spent hundreds of hours on it, and just so people know: I get NO financial rewards from Don for all the time I've spent on blog and forums and's a labor of love, and I even still donate some $$ every year to Don.

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