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Post New Requests Here / Re: Finding the path of a file on your computer
« on: September 02, 2014, 09:48 AM »
Hi, I'm the developer of Listary, and I think Listary would be very helpful in your case (in a totally different way though).

You don't even need to find out where the file is saved. Listary will find it instantly and open it in the current application directly whenever you need it (as long as you can remember part of the file name).

(Listary just helped me upload this screenshot!)

Check out the latest version of Listary here:

Anyone know if Listary 4 has been fixed to work on non-admin accounts? I have been running 3.51 for the past four months due to this issue :(.

Yes. Please use the beta version:

has anyone had Listary crashing upon startup? i see a message box asking permission to send a report then it crashes.

i'm on Win 7 Pro 64bit, btw.
I also have win7 64.  I don't think it has been crashing on startup, but the latest version did have a couple of regular crashes recently.  But upon relaunching, it seems to work.  i don't know the cause.

Please try the beta version:

@Channing: i was hoping to use Listary's FAYT feature in mouser's Screenshot Captor. the thumbnail browser (see pic) on the left of the program can be viewed in list mode. since i normally have 200-300 images in there, it would be an ideal place to use Listary to find the files quickly.

Sorry that Listary can't support it at the moment.

i assume this is where the custom apps go, but how do i add one? i don't see the 'add' button.

Listary 4 doesn't support adding custom applications  :( Which application you'd like to add?

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