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The only menu that shows to me is:

I've tried to set a custom grid in the GridMove.exe.ini file and it didn't work. So I've renamed the two already present grids and added my grid (simple2.grid).
This is the part of the GridMove.exe.ini file, that I've changed:
And this is my simple2.grid file (in the Grids directory):
NumberOfGroups = 3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top] + [Monitor1Height] /2
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left]
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3

 TriggerTop    = [Monitor1Top]
 TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
 TriggerLeft   = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
 TriggerRight  = [Monitor1Right]
  GridTop    = [Monitor1Top]
  GridBottom = [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridLeft   = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridRight  = [Monitor1Right]
GridMove says that:
There was an error while opening the grid file. Reverting to default config. Please select another grid from the templates menu. ErrorCode:001.

And the next error:
Error: menu does not exist. The current thread will exit.
Specifically: Templates
line #
---> 2011: Menu,Templates,DeleteAll

Also, I can't find the templates menu... (should it appear in the menu when I click the icon on the taskbar? there is no such entry in the menu).
I'm using 1.3.2b version on Windows Tablet Edition 2005


Yes, I've tried it, when I delete the file nothing changes. If you run the program after deleting, the welcome bar appears again and the program hangs. When you run the program again, the taskbar icon is present, but you can't click on in in any way. (after the deletion of the DonationCoder folder GridMove behaves as if it was a fresh install).

the 1.19.62 latest version doesn't work for me:
- the program installs normally, but after this the welcome window (with two bars) hangs and I have to kill the window process using the taskmanager
- the GridMove icon is present in the taskbar however you can't click on it in any way (the menu doesn't appear)
- I've also tried to move the windows to the edges of the screen and no grid appears
- furthermore, the WIN+G screen also doesn't work (it opens firefox - the default browser)
Fortunately helloall posted the portable version of the software, which (except that the WIN+G key still opens firefox) works great ;)
I've tried running GridMove on my two PC's (Windows XP SP3 and Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005) and it doesn't work on both.
I think it probably has to do sth with the current version. I would suggest adding some older versions of the software in the download section on the program's site, so if sth doesn't work, you could always test the older version (I've looked for the older version, but apparently all the external download sites redirect direclty (;) ) to jgpaiva site.


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