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Do they collect and store data to be used by some higher powered big brother to spy on users? Doubtful.

It only takes a minimal amount of research to find what is being done with the billions of data bits being collected, not only by Google, but also by our wonderful government.

Am I paranoid? Nah. BUT, I do take my anonymity fairly serious. No one needs to know the what/where/why of what I do, unless I choose to divulge it.

After searching a bit further I found these links.

A new Google app.   Can anyone else see the possibilities of privacy invasion?

Two shows come to mind about our privacy. I cannot find the original show/video, but below is info RE the Google show and another good show about our so called privacy.

CNBC Originals: Inside the Mind of Google
Season 2 : Ep. 5 (43:22)
Air date: 12/03/2009
Get a rare look at the company that hundreds of millions of people touch every day. Reported by Maria Bartiromo.

Near to the end of the Original show, the interviewer asked what they did with all the data they collect and store. Their answer was that they sell it to large corporations for "market research". To allow companies to focus on who likes what, who goes where, etc.

This show was scary.......
CNBC Originals: Big Brother, Big Business
Season 1 : Ep. 4 (1:29:19)
Air date: 11/01/2006  

This Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Documentary examines the big business of the technologies that allow companies to monitor our every move and record our private personal info.

Thanks much.  We'll look at the tutorial first thing.   :Thmbsup:

One just needs to watch the CNBC show on the rise of Google to see how far they have gone. They (Google) admitted they sell their info to large corporations.
That is enough to stop me from using their site(s), At least with the Bing search you can turn off the history, and in their small print say they only store data 72 hours. That's what they say anyway.

Greetings all,
As a noob here, I have plenty of questions.....But for now, What do I do with a .ahk file?  (SlideCursor.ahk)
From what I have read so far, there is a tremendous amount of info here and I've just scratched the surface.
Thank you all for the data/pgms/notes/info here. I am sure to be donating as soon as our funds arrive this month.
(yeh, I'm an old fart with a limited income.....but we're happy and content!)

Will appreciate any advise.
'Til later   ;)

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