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General Review Discussion / Tiller money
« on: May 25, 2021, 09:19 PM »
Hi folks, Does anyone know anything about Tiller money (it's a Google sheets-based program for personal money management)?  Tiller Money

I have always ruled out programs that were online (like YNAB, Personal Capitol, and Mint), but this one intrigues me. Hopefully someone knows about it.


Its something I am on the fence about.  One part of me says share it and another part says clients (or competitors) really shouldn't know what goes into the costing of a project.

I'll give this some serious thought and maybe I could write in a way that helps other freelances without giving away my secrets.

Did you ever do this, here on DC, or anywhere else?

-- Maureen

No, doesn’t sound good at all to me. HorizonData is one poor company. I purchase FD-ISR about 2 yrs ago and also their "Gold" support plan. Three separate support tickets submitted and they never responded to one of them. Their forum is filled with others who have had similar issues, or at least it was; it seems that posts, threads, and sometimes whole subforums disappear when comments are going what they consider "the wrong way".

I say keep away from this outfit.


Thanks very much, Jim! You've saved me money and time (I had spotted the weirdness re defragging and figured I'd have to investigate). What do you use instead?

-- Maureen

Circle Dock / Re: Icons not on background after start up PC
« on: June 28, 2010, 02:08 PM »
Thanks for the explanation. Well, better not bet for money, I did a **clean** win 7 install. Cheers.
I'm on a brand new machine with Windows 7, and as I said earlier, I also have this problem. It's easily taken care of / aligned by using my shortcut for toggling hide/appear (^space). I just do this automatically now after start up is finished. 

Thanks very much!

Thanks mcurran. I'll have to get ahold of Tobias and ask him what's up.

Jim: Glad to hear that you'll be pursuing SFFS. I'm looking forward to checking out SFFS's new feature: syncing with Google Docs.

BTW, that was the Cloudberry Explorer I was referring to in the other post. Is that what you  are using?

I hadn't heard of Cloudberry before (thanks for the name, I had tried a quick search in response to your comment below re the free client, but didn't stick with it). I had been using S3 backup ( for browsing my S3 buckets and directories, but have been wondering what else is out there.

Yes - check the Amazon Web Services forum. There is a free client that seems to be all the rage there. They sell a more advanced version but maintain a free version also.

Let us know what happens w/SFFS.

-- Cheers, M

Circle Dock / Re: Icons not on background after start up PC
« on: May 26, 2010, 04:13 PM »
I have the same problem, where some of the icons are not on the ring, but elsewhere on the desktop when I first start up (using Windows 7; don't have dock position locked). Using the hotkey that I configured to make the dock appear (^ space) makes things align properly.

J-Mac: I love SFFS. I've used it with Amazon S3 for a year+. I use it for regular scheduled backups and also for versioning when I'm editing/writing big projects (save file frequently, back up every 10-15 min., keep 20+ copies, all to a bucket for temporary intensive backups, then delete later).

My MSXML 6.0 got corrupted and it prevented me backing up to S3 (this was before ver. 5 which doesn't require it). But Tobias was extremely helpful and informative. The preview ver. 5 totally fixed the problem (no longer requires MSXML 6.0).

Thanks for the tip about the free client to browse the files.

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