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Dear Jesse,

Thank you for the suggestion! It was something that I was looking for!

However I haven't the faintest idea as to how to add the 'keyword/alias thingy' to the right-click menu... (not computer savy.. apologies..)

2 suggestions come to mind...

1) Could you help show me how to add this into the right-click menu?

2) Could you by any chance add this into FARR - but not as a default function. i.e Users will have to enable this function by perhaps checking a box in the settings of FARR. (Basically users are given the choice as to how to configure FARR..  :)

Please let me know what you think.

Best Regards,

Yes I understand the one in-built in FARR... Use that quite a bit as well..

My suggestion is if for example there's an icon/file/folder...
ok let's say a Mozilla Firefox icon on your desktop... and you want to make an alias/keyword for it.

By using the right-click of your mouse, you can have an option in the right-click menu which adds a "New keyword alias/Group".

This could be done in the desktop or any folder in the operating system....  :D

What say you Jesse?


Hi Jesse,

Just curious, is FARR coded to be 2560x1440 compatible? I've noticed that quite a few programs which used to open normally(size wise) are extremely small...

Could that by any chance be the problem? 2560x1440 is the recommended resolution - even if you change it manually.. it would automatically go back to that resolution...

By any chance would you consider adding an "add alias/keyword" into the right-click menu(at least for the installed version of FARR)?
It would be a whole lot easier to add keywords this way...

Best Regards,

anyways the backup worked great.. thanks! :up:

 >:(  :(

You're right........ sigh........ new com and FARR doesn't work right....... probably not FARR's fault....(tried the portable version as well..)

let me know if you want to check my com remotely... via team viewer or something and solve this bug.... hahahah....

Thanks Jesse, have a good day..

Best Regards,

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