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Living Room / Re: Do we have any musical people on DC?
« on: December 08, 2014, 04:57 PM »
Hey guys! I aim at putting a few classy dance mixes together each year. So if you fancy a musical journey/experience full of sparkly, upbeat harmonies and melodies - give this a try!  Most tracks are out of the UK, as Europe in general is pretty good at this genre :)

Just some thoughts... I was recently trying to encourage my daughter (who's a student) to start a physical card index - to note down important concepts - so that in future years, she will be able to easily reference key facts/concepts that are relevant to her work.
-However, what struck me, is that the immediate disadvantage of a purely physical card index is: that it can get lost or damaged - (and with it years of precious collation of info). So that's a major advantage of 'creating the index' on a computer and then printing it out.
-The major advantage of a physical card index - is that it's physical - i.e. that somehow - the physical container of the box and the cards within it - are more real than a file on a computer - and thus bring what is on the cards 'to life'. I think part of that is, that the cards don't have so much written on them (because of usually being written in a larger hand written font). So somehow making the card designs as 'physical' as possible. In this vein, as well as larger easy-to-read-fonts, maybe could be an enhancement over handwritten, e.g. might have space and an easy process to put a bit of relevant clip art on them, in a specific location on the card, to reinforce the card contents - or a simple mind map. Being able to make the cards, aesthetically 'beautiful' e.g. with font/background/card border colours might be really useful as well.

Sounds like it's going to be fabulous - looking forward to sending to daughter to try out!

Hi DxCK, thanks for such a fantastic program. Was a really nice bit of syncronicity, as I found MasterSeeker right after posting a question here: about why windows takes so long (!!!) to search for a file! Great to see MasterSeeker posted and discussed here on donationcoder as well.

btw - everyone - as an aside, the defragger at the forum I posted the question at, is well worth taking a look at. Absolutely fantastic defragger - because of the placement strategies it uses. I find instead of needing to defrag once every day or two, now I only need to do once every six weeks or so, if that!

Again, thanks DxCK :)

ProcessTamer / Re: Wildcard for process kill
« on: March 25, 2012, 05:55 AM »
Thanks db90h - that's great :)

ProcessTamer / Wildcard for process kill
« on: March 22, 2012, 07:09 PM »
Recently I've noticed regular occurrences of process like GoogleCrashHandler.exe or GoogleUpdater.exe running themselves up (I presume from google aps like Chrome). Though I set these processes to autokill, because they run themselves up from temp directories (that change from day to day), processtamer does not recognise them on their next occurrence. It will only recognise them if they run from the same location as previously. What would be great is to be able to set a wildcard like: Google* free of any directory structure - so that the app could recognise & deal with them.

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