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  • Friday February 26, 2021, 3:57 pm
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Hi mouser,

Congratulations for the great job you did on creating Screenshot Captor. Thanks a lot for this!

My suggestion today is about create the possibility to use shortcut keys for decrease "Preferences" -> "The Basics" -> "File Naming Template" -> "Auto-increment Number" value.

Reason: sometimes we take some shots in a row using File Templates + Auto-incrementing Number (%numinc%) but when we did a mistake and want to discard a file (by example: example_050.png) and continue saving files in sequence (replacing the old example_050.png file to a new example_050.png file) it will increase the value in +1 (example_051.png). What I am doing to bypass it is change the "Auto-incrementing Number" from 51 to 50 manually, but it is taking a lot of time from me (yes I know that it means also that I am doing a lot of mistakes with my tembling hand  :(). A shortcut for doing this will be very handy. Maybe if you add this feature I think that an option like "replace files with same name" will have to be enable too.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Edit: please forget about the "replace files with same name" part. I already found that option. Sry.

Hi note-taker,

I liked the last version of your website. Congratulations.

I am particularly interested in the concept called "Acelerated Learning". I am studying it for more than a decade.

I have the idea to create someday a Website in this subject:  flashcards, mindmaps (by Tony Buzan), spaced repetition learning, memorization techniques, etc.

I dont know exactly how your product works, but I think instead of you create a web server in the customer's computer you could provide an online access to your website. Using some kind of login for access.

IMHO: many people are not comfortable in using address like They can think it can be something malicious, for example.

Anyway, nice job and keep in touch if you wanna talk more about acelerated learning.

- Zaq

Only few words for Mouser's Screenshot Captor: the best one!

Congrats Mouser!

Nice Program, thanks for sharing it.

Playing audio is appreciated.

Keep this good work up.

Hi Mouser,

Could you tell me please which CMS will be analyzed?

I've always been interested in doing something similar.


Sorry if it is flood flood, but is there a place where I can read about yours experiences in developing? Languagues that you use, study, etc. How long time do you take to create a project from scratch (yes I know that depends on the type and size of the project).

Being more specific, how did you get the great idea to code "Find and Run Robot" and how long time did you take to put available for use the 1st release, etc. What language did you used on it, etc.

If there is any place in the forum where can I read about it I will be very glad to check that out.

Sry for my english. It is not my first language... and in time: I can also use your python Lib to improve english =). In one image: PICTURE of a CAT, for example with the word "CAT". In other picture, the word translated to portuguese "GATO".

I would be here weeks and weeks telling about how many things you can do with your LIB. =) Maybe with these "insights" other people got interested in code some nice things using it. =)

Best regards,


Thank you mouser.

You have no idea what many things you can do with your LIB.

I got excited to learn Python just because your Library.

I have some good ideas to use  your library.

My first is to help children to learn alphabet. For example: one card I will put the letter "T" in other I will write the word "Tree" and say to children:  "T" as in "Tree", and so on...

Other nice thing to do: memory game. Print twice the card in a good paper and play with kids too.

I am studing a lot your website. Everyday I read things here I got more impressed with the great work you all are doing. I hope soon have time to share some things and projects with the members.

Thank you again mouser.


Hi Mouser,

Congratulations from Brazil to this very nice LIB and for the work you are doing here.

I am using your Python Lib and as I am a noob python programmer I have this question for you:

How can I set the upper Text to not be in UPPERCASE? I've tried some changes, but I can't still handle it.

Thanks in advance and keep this great job up.


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