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I'm in.  I purchased MLO with DC's discount, with an eye to applying a GTD approach but, after a good start, I got distracted and fell off the wagon.  :-[  Thanks for offering a great way for me to take another run at it. :up:

I have found that Project Kickstart works very well for efficiently modelling and tracking small to medium sized projects.

I prefer another product not included in the Image Manager Shootout.  IMatch 3, available at, is very powerful and reasonably priced.

I don't think Alfaclock has a free "expires" after a certain amount of time and you can't open it after that.

"Alfaclock Free" v1.90 is promoted at as "freeware", and I have seen no indication since installing it that it is going to expire.  I really like it.  It is reminiscent of tclock, but is more polished, and is designed for XP.  I have not tried the same author's "Betaclock", formerly "Alfaclock 2"; it may have different licensing terms.

Edit: Corrected misspelled link, spotted by Betsy, below.  Just my darn dyslexia atcing up again.   :-[

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