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FileSearchy 1.22 has released.
It includes a function that some of you have asked for: sort by "relevance" (number of matches).
Change list:
- Columns of search results table are now configurable. It is possible to select which columns to show, to change width and position.
- New columns of search results table are available: number of matches, created time, last access time.

I like that Advanced mode retains search terms and the last used fields. However, Instant mode takes a different approach -- it remembers nothing. Even if the user moves from Instant to Advanced and then back, search terms are not remembered.

Instant mode makes a search with each letter you enter. I don't think it's reasonable to remember instant searches - they are easy to retype.
But i recognize that moving from instant to expanded and back with loosing results is counter intuitive. I will try to come up with a better solution in future.

The latest today's release 1.2 allows to jump from a match to correct position with double click.
Another important change is that content search speed is improved due to using multiple threads.
Pro version now has an ability to search contents of e-books (EPUB, FB2, MOBI).

High CPU usage is a bug, that is fixed in the latest version 1.11.

In the event of more than 100 matches in a file, I have noticed that FileSearchy indicates (in The Matches tab) "Only the first 100 matches are shown". Huh...why that limitation? What if there were 500 matches in a file? Then FileSearchy wouldn't show 400 matches in the Matches tab?

This limitation is because of slow matches highlighting. In future this will be resolved by either fast highlighting or by additional button to show all matches.

I would also like to ask about a "File/Save Parameters" and "File/Open Parameters" feature. This would function to preserve active fields for future searches. Also, it would help to avoid repetitive data entry (of multiple file type/delimiter configs) each time history is cleared. Settings and tabs are saved, so maybe parameters could be also?
Sound useful and easy to implement. I will add this soon.

Also, the context menu integration remains a bit buggy. I have it disabled in options but "Search with FileSearchy" always shows after a few content searches.

I've tracked down this problem. The next release will have a fix.

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