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General Software Discussion / SliderDock v1.15 now released
« on: March 23, 2010, 08:52 AM »
The newest version of the application launcher SliderDock is now out.


A lot have been improved.
First the version system have been change to enable update check.
Now there is a new button in the "about SliderDock" window that allow you to check for new versions.

The portable mode has been improved.
When SliderDock is in portable mode and is found on a memory stick with your other portable applications on the same drive, dragging those apps into SliderDock will give them a relative target path.
This will allow SliderDock to launch your portable applications even when the memory stick drive letter changes.

Another new feature is the integration of multi rings feature.
Now it is possible to group the icons anyway you wish.
And selecting a new ring is done with a click on thee middle mouse button on the IconSeeker.

here are all the changes in  SliderDock v1.15 :

  • added relative path for icon's target.
  • improved installation setup. It will now check if .net is found in the computer and download it if it's missing.
  • improved the uninstall setup which now remove the registry entry for starting SliderDock with window.
  • improved support for virtual folder even further. Now all virtual folder should work.
  • added support for microsoft special shortcut(ex: MS office shortcut).
  • added support for shortcut which have a virtual folder as a target.
  • improved mouse event so that using the mouse wheel to rotate the icons will not affect other application anymore.
  • change versioning system for update support.
  • added check update button in the "About SliderDock" window.
  • added multiple rings support.
  • adding an icon to a ring will now make it appear within the IconSeeker next to the current selected icon.
  • improved icon saving method to stop the image quality from degrading each time it's loaded.
  • Changed saving path to Data folder(for the SD.ini and when in portable mode for the files config.xml and save.bin)
  • ErrorLog will now also appear in the Data folder.
  • Remove the dependancy to Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll and also remove the file from the setup.
  • removed support for virtual desktop because SliderDock freeze after launching some specific fullscreen app.
  • slightly slow down the rotation with the mouse wheel depending of the icon distance to the IconSeeker to increase the feeling of smooth transition.

For more information and the download link please visit the website at :

Leave some feedback to let me know your opinion of this application.
It will help me know in what direction I should take SliderDock to.

games becomes more like movies, but movies wants to add more interaction and soon will become more like games  :huh: :huh:
Soon with project natal, you'll be moving all over the place like on a wii in order to change movie, select a chapter, and maybe a kick would mean pausing a movie?
The world is really upside down.

.net compile to msil, but I'm pretty sure it was written in c++.

Yeah, the dotNET runtimes are huge, and sometimes I wonder if they have to be that huge. But there's lots and lots and lots of functionality in there.

the .net 3.0 include both the 32bit and 64bit version. This is the reason of it's massive size.
I saw .net 4.0 is more like 50MB now. Still big but much smaller than the 300MB .net 3.0.

plus now that new OS include .net, soon there won't be a need to worry about .net being installed.

Living Room / Re: You are what you charge
« on: February 27, 2010, 09:03 AM »
a bit depressing reading if you're a 'freelancer':
the message is -
do basic work & charge the minimum ??

Exactly that's nonsense.
I met a professional game designer who told me one client wanted a video game made.
He was willing to pay 1000$ for it.
The game would have taken at least a year to make and the team have 4 members.
In other words that a salary of 20$ a month.

For a freelancer, it's better to charge what your work is worth. If the client doesn't understand the price, then don't accept the job. Then if you have some prestige, Price upwards accordingly.

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