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Note CS2 isn't compatible (at least officially) with Vista or later.

I'm using Photoshop Cs2 on Win7 64bit

You should try Cuneiform OCR. It's free.

General Software Discussion / Re: moving items in sudirectories
« on: October 12, 2012, 12:33 AM »
I think what you want is Digital Janitor. http://davidevitelar...are/digital-janitor/

You can also try Suction

I reviewed Suction last year and added a list of free application with similar capabilities at the end of the review. If you pardon my self-plug, you'll find the names of all the apps here http://www.instantfu...oves-files-from.html

Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a look at Macrium.

1. Is your external USB hard drive a USB 3.0 or not?  If it is, I don't think Easeus linux bootable disk has USB 3.0 drivers, only 2.0 and 1.1.

2. Also, try to connect the USB drive to your computer while it is off and then boot with the bootable disk.

3. Creating a Easeus WinPE bootable disk rather than the default linux bootable disk may also resolve your issue.  Most of the bootable disks from backup/recovery vendors are linux based by default and may give an option for WinPE based bootable disk. 

4. There's also the possibility of looking at BIOS settings regarding the USB interface.

1. It's USB 2.0

2. I will try that

3. The Easeus WinPE disk is probably not available with the free version.

4. The BIOS setting looks fine, AFAIK. Booting from USB drives is enabled.

If you are using Windows 7 what about Backup & Restore built into windows. Does full system imaging to external hard disks and DVDs. It automatically includes system partitions but you can add in extra partitions too.
-Carol Haynes

Windows 7's Backup & Restore doesn't compress the disk image. If your partition has 30 GB of data the disk image will be 30GB. Third party tools usually offer compression. Easeus Todo Backup reduces the image by more than 50%. So the 30 GB partition will take only 15 GB or less to store. Saves HDD space.

I'm using Easeus Todo Backup to create disk image. It's a great program, but the trouble is it cannot recognize external USB connected hard drives when booting from the recovery disk. Because of this I cannot restore an image saved on an external drive.

Does anybody know of a free disk imaging tool that can identify external hard drives when booted from their recovery disk?

I think you need this


Did a review some time ago http://www.instantfu...sociation-icons.html
(shameful self plug :P)

You can try Picasa. It has a collage making function. I use it often.

General Software Discussion / Re: Realtime backups
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:31 AM »
I use one called Yadis Backup. Simple backup program, not too many configuration options, but works for me.

However, what makes Orbit Downloader really good as a media catcher, is "Grap Pro", and this works only with Internet Explorer, not "ANY browser".

Open GrabPro, click Actions > Preferences > Monitoring and check the boxes against the browsers you want it to work. ALL browsers are supported. I have been using it to download videos through Chrome and Opera.

Orbit downloader is the best. Search on Google. Too lazy to post the link. :P

Turn on the menu bar.


Use the Show Images button to rapidly switch images on/off (or use cached images only).
Via the same button, change the display mode to user mode etc. I use this a lot to remove clutter from a web page.

This is my favorite. I always browse with cached image. Pages open in a snap.

You forgot the rarest feature that even extensions rarely implement in other browsers: 1 and 2 for switching between left and right tabs as well as customizable keyboard shortcuts, ones that allow things such as ctrl+shift+w to close the tab and instead of switching to the right, it switches to the left.

Those were just from the top of my head. There are tons of hidden features.

Oh, another one: open the side panel, click on the '+' sign and select "windows". Now open the windows panel and you can see the list of all opened tabs. Ta-da! that is the tree view Chrome and Firefox is experimenting with now. Opera had it for years. Now you can drag and arrange tabs and even move them from one window to another.

Sigh...too bad Opera keeps hiding and switching these around now. Unless you saved your keyboard shortcuts file, expect a lot of these hotkeys to disappear or change on a whim. I'm not even sure they even have a hotkey for saving sessions with the active window checked. Opera's features are getting a re-haul and I apologize for sounding like a hater, I just wanted to warn users who might think to switch to Opera specifically for those features.

Thats' a good advice. Backing up the opera settings folder is what I do.

Here are some tips from a 5 year Opera user :)

  • Ctrl+click on an image to save it. Nice and quick.
  • On search engine results page, press <spacebar> at the bottom of the page to automatically load the next page. It also works on other websites and blogs that has pagination, although on blogs the behavior is erratic.
  • SHIFT+Spacebar scrolls page up
  • Ctrl+click opens link in new tab
  • Ctrl+shift+click opens link in background tab, i.e. the new tab does not steal focus
  • CTRL+Mouse Wheel to Zoom in and out
  • CTRL+Spacebar to open homepage
  • Hold down the right mouse button and roll the mouse wheel to cycle through the open tabs
  • To add a new search engine, just place your mouse pointer on the search box, right click and from the menu click Create search
  • Install Opera widgets and use them as standalone programs. No opera needed.
  • And yeah, do checkout the extensions.

You can automate installation of software by using silent switches (use Universal Silent Switch Finder ) and AutoIT scripting tool. I wrote a small tutorial a while ago.


I just thought I'd chime in and say that I did assume they were official mockups because I don't follow LibreOffice close enough to know that is the official developer and I didn't think it would be unusual for another website (Web Upd8, which I've never heard of before) to post news about (official) mockups.

It's not uncommon for news blogs to get (sometimes exclusive) screens or information from official sources and report on it. I assumed this was the case with these mockups.

Although if I had bothered to click through to the article and read it, it does make it clear that these are not official. So my ignorance is mostly my own fault. :D

Since these are just fan-made images I do agree that it changes the discussion somewhat, from "Oh, look what they're considering" to "Oh, look what someone who doesn't necessarily have any influence on the decision thinks they should consider."

Ah! At least someone agrees with me. :)


Uh, I did. Right there in the first sentence: "Web Upd8 has the latest LibreOffice UI mockups...." And it's also in the subject line.  :huh:

Mockups can be official and unofficial. If the mockups come from the official team it means that the proposed designs could very well make into the actual product. Any other mockups by independent designers are unofficial. They are unlikely to find their way into the final product, unless the product developers embraces it, in which case, it becomes the official mockup. :)

Not really.

These mockups have some great ideas. And Libre is very open to suggestions.

So until somebody at Libre says this particular concept is a complete crock and won't be considered, it remains part of the meme surrounding LibreOffice. And being an open software project, there's also nothing to stop the implementation that interface as a side project even if the Document Foundation's LibreOffice programming team decides to ignore it. (I say ignore because you can bet somebody has already brought it to their attention.)

There's even a page on their website specifically for UX and Visual designers. Link here.

Note: DevArt is consulted for design ideas and inspiration a lot more often than most people realize - so don't rule something out just because it's found there. I've seen many interface concepts displayed on DeviantArt that mysteriously appear in software products later on.

I agree what you say, but my initial argument still holds - that they are not official, so don't pin your hopes on THIS particular design. And just like you said, there could be and IS dozens of Liberoffice designs floating around the web, any of which (or none) could becomes the actual UI.

I just want to say that if you don't label a mockup as unofficial, people assume they come from the developer.

These are not official mockups. Just some designs by some guy at deviantart.

@OP should have posted this vital info. Renders the whole discussion useless :P

General Software Discussion / Re: RSSOwl Alternative?
« on: December 04, 2010, 04:22 AM »
Does it still put ads in the lower left?

Yes it does, but the ad is unobtrusive. Are you really not using the software for such a trivial matter?

General Software Discussion / Re: RSSOwl Alternative?
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:39 AM »
Strange. Nobody mentioned FeedDemon, arguably the best feed reader available. And it sync with Google reader too. (use v4.0 beta)


Some great finds! (Nice blog too.)


( Rather exquisite redhead on one of those wallpapers too! Always a big plus AFAIC.  ;)  :-[  )

A semi-clad beauty always increases the oomph factor of the theme.

Not trying to be spammy, but I really do have a good collection of WinXP themes on my blog. These are my personal favorites.


General Software Discussion / Re:
« on: July 17, 2010, 02:34 AM »
I prefer

Detects your location from IP and displays weather info retrieved from

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 8 Requests
« on: April 06, 2010, 02:14 AM »
# An option to move programs folder, my documents, app folder etc to another drive during installation
# Ability to load windows from last hibernation file in the event of a crash.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is available for free for a while.

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