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It turns out that Softmaker Stadard will also be released, I'm not sure when:

I got email today, Standard 2016 upgrade price is $39.95

Just tried it (12/22/10 8:52AM PST) and code did not work

I also was part of that conversation and like you I also decided to pass on the upgrade. I wonder how many copies they sold on the 9th. I bet they would have sold a lot more copies if they had been more up front with the new version release and added upgrade path to anyone who took the offer. I found it hard to believe they have not determined the new pricing yet. The release is only weeks away. I most likely would have purchased if I knew what the cost of the upgrade to 3.0 was going to be.

Found Deals and Discounts / Better deal
« on: June 25, 2009, 10:54 AM »
Go to http://www.ugrcom/TrueImage.html and use code UGNL0609 and get it for $25.00

Does this mean they have fixed the data corruption bugs now?

Fixed a while back with PP1 - Newegg is selling WHS for $99 and change

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