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I sure understand that... I have the same behaviour on both my Win 7 computers (one 32bit and one 64bit). I am though going to install a new computer later this week so i can check everything again with the newest version of all programs. I'll get back on this.

And deatails, well... Nothing really happens (apart from normal drag action) when grabbing close to the top left corner and the edge method does not work either. Other windows (like firefox) work well though... Apart from msn things like the calculator and the "run" dialog does not work. Control panel and most other windows work though AND Msn Live Messenger in fullscreen mode!!!


Hmm... Does not work for me as admin either... Nor with compatibility mode nor any combination i have found  :huh:


I just want to say that I second that it does not move Windows Live Messenger for example (Win 7). Compatibility mode did not solve the problem for me though (tried XP SP3 and 2000).


JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Re: GridMove: Grids Here
« on: January 13, 2010, 05:15 AM »
Hi all!

After the last update of GridMove from jgpaiva making this possible I thought I'd share my first grid. The grid basically divides the screen in a 2x2 grid and also has one bonus grid for a middle main window with one or two sidebars around it.

But - what is more interesting is the maximize and stretch controls around the edge of the screen. Try them out and please tell what you think! Basically they all modify an existing window's size without moving it. The way I think that maximize and stretch controls should work!

Edit: As jgpaiva kindly reminded my I kinda missed one thing... To actually attach the grid :D   I actually thought about attaching an image of it but decided not to... I didnt think about the actual file though  :-[


My guess is that it is due to UAC (User Access Control) in Win Vista and Win 7. If you have problems i suggest right-clicking and choose "Run as administrator" when you want to make any changes. This means that the program will have access to write to files in different directories. If the ini is really located in the documents and settings path it _should_ work anyway though...

Give it a go anyway! (Since i dont have the problem I might be far off though ;)  )

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