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Yes, I can see it dropping down behind the current window, but I can't click it.  The current window (so far) has been Internet Explorer but it's not set up to stay on top so it shouldn't prevent the SC quick capture bar from popping on top.  Next time it happens, I will get more info....perhaps a screencast.

I am using SC 4.03 on Win7 64bit and I really like the Quick Capture Bar (which actually surprises me because usually I am a keyboard shortcut person vs. a mouser  (pun intended)).  Anyway, once in a while when I mouse over the bar area towards the top and I can see it drop down but it's under my current window, preventing me from being able to select an option.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Wow.  Mouser, I came back to download the latest and greatest as it's been a while since I've checked in and updated SC.  Your improvements are tremendous!  I totally love:
auto-upload to imageshack (no need for zloader anymore)
new/improved special effects (love the splce, glow, and others)
love the little toolbar option that docks to my top screen.  I'm typically a keyboard shortcut guy (yes, I know, we drive you batty), but the toolbar is there when I need and hidden when I don't.

To be honest, I ran into a few issues with the program a while ago and just never found the time to work with you to correct the crashes/issues.  I started using ShareXMod which I liked but missed one real key feature yours has is that it saves the screenshot and the objects I can find an old screenshot and change some of the embellishments I did in SC.  So I came a brand new version of SC with oodles of goodies.  I've been using 4.0 (just updated to 4.3 today) without any of the errors I experienced I am a happy camper.  I'm sure you get lots of people who gush, but it never hurts to hear good things over and over.  I use screenshots at work daily, and your features make for a very nice professional screenshot.  There are a lot of tools out there in this arena, but since I've been a DC member, I found SC to always have the best features and a very responsive developer. 

Thanks.  I actually tested Cobra and chatted with the developer via email a few times.  I gave him some feedback which apparently was helpful as he just came out with an version that addressed one of my issues with it.  The key issue with it was that while it does allow me to rename and it also allowed me to view the spool file, it did not allow me to zoom on the view.  Qcontrol also has this limitation (and also allows me to view/rename) and is free so I will stick with that.  When I need to zoom on the spool files, I use SPLView (which is great for viewing/zooming but does not allow me to rename).  So it's two tools I'm stuck with to get everything I need but QControl is what I have now used daily for a week or so and it's quite capable and fast.  It's only once in a while I need to zoom and that is when I then fire up SPLView which is also free.

I found a freeware tool that allows you to manage your print queue, view jobs and rename jobs.  So it's exacly what I needed.  QControl at

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