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but Icfu, i bet you know how to handle an AHK script.
I have see one before, yep. ;)


"Could not extract script from EXE" as well here, German SP2, admin, no restrictions.
DeUPXing and afterwards executing leads to "corrupt Exe" message.

Even if it's a false positive, this is not exactly good looking:


Recompiling with newest UPX version doesn't help, only an uncompressed Exe leaves all these poor scanning engines a chance. As it's not possible to fix the false positive problem if you keep using UPX, at least the Exe malfunction should be fixed.


There are some obtrusive default settings:

1. custom skinning enabled
Respect of corporate look should have priority for productivity tools.
2. bump sound when calling the console
As it's the expected result that an application opens when it is told to open, a success sound is redundant as long it isn't started with a delay.

Options are lacking comfort:
1. no apply button
2. two rows of tabs, tab order is not fixed, this is against all usability recommendations

I suggest switching to a decent tree view dialog with OK, Cancel and Apply button to clean up the mess.


General Software Discussion / Re: What's your preferred File Manager
« on: October 12, 2007, 11:44 AM »
TC license allows installation and usage on as many boxes, sticks, etc... you like.
Opus license allows installation and usage on one box you like.

Lifetime upgrade cost of Total Commander: 28 Euro (per user)
Lifetime upgrade cost of Opus: 2800 Euro (per box)

TC community power (addons and stuff): Priceless
Opus community power: As I have been banned, it seems to be worth its price.


Best Dialog Extender / DlgXRsizer public code
« on: January 10, 2006, 10:15 PM »
Hi there,

in case you didn't know – at least it hasn't been mentioned in the review:
After DlgXRSizer development has been stopped, the author has released a public serial that can be used by anyone for free. You can find the download of the last DlgXRSizer version including that serial here:

Have fun. ;)


Edited: Updated the link to new location.

Official Announcements / Re: Change to Official License Key Policy
« on: December 31, 2005, 01:42 AM »
(one thing i probably disagree with in the article and your post is pricing - there is some interesting and depressing data that seem to suggest that higher prices sometimes increase sales due to a psychological effect; there was a post here about it recently i think).
You are ready for step 2, but don't hate me for this please. Enjoy. :D


Official Announcements / Re: Change to Official License Key Policy
« on: December 30, 2005, 10:20 PM »
Hi there,

it's very simple, actually. This is the price you have to pay when you try to take money for stuff announced as free:
People who want to donate, will donate.
People who don't, won't.

What you are trying to do here with your free licenses, no matter how long they are active, is absolutely contraproductive:
1. If people have the decision between buying a licence and getting one for free they will not buy one and always take the free one.
2. Crackers who are used to remove nags are bored by your applications because you are offering the keygens to remove the nags yourself, this means that the underground won't spread the word about your applications.
3. Asking for money for software that others code for free is a waste of time. Think about the level of essentiality your software has, is all of the stuff announced as donationware really "that" extraordinary? Yes, some of it is, but not all, so I suggest that you make the "ordinary" programs freeware and charge for the rest so the users get a feeling for the amount of work you put in some of those apps.

Look at Total Commander if you want to learn how to do it "right" when demanding money of users:
It shows a nagscreen on each program use in which the user has to press 1, 2 or 3 to remind them that it's shareware, otherwise it's not limited at all.
The author doesn't try to force users to visit the website because he knows that they will visit it anyway if they feel the need to do so, users are not stupid.
He doesn't try to force unregistered users to pay for the software by letting TC stopping to function after period X or reminding them again and again, as this would mean that a possible customer is maybe lost forever.
Users who need more features or bugfixes will do an update anyway, no matter what, but users who are satisfied with old versions, do not update so just leave the decision to the users.

The point is:
Do not waste your time thinking about how you can annoy users LESS THAN NOW but just STOP annoying them AT ALL. ;)
Stop deviding the community in "good" users aka donators who are allowed to beta test your applications (is that really an advantage? ;)) and those who are "just" software enthusiasts that like to use the software for free.

Last not least, here is an article you should not miss:
Piracy and Unconventional Wisdom

Greetings and happy new year


ProcessTamer is still polling the registry (in case you remember me), any news on that? ;)

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