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  • January 29, 2020, 05:27 AM
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hi mates,

would you kindly help me to make it work in my native language (brazilian portuguese)?
I suppose I cannot toggle because the language differences embeeded on exe...
thanks a ton

C:\Documents and Settings\carlos\Desktop>powercfg /list

Esquemas de energia existentes
Maximizar bateria
Gerenciamento mínimo de energia
Sempre ligado

C:\Documents and Settings\carlos\Desktop>

You might be able to make use of my PowerSchemeToggler:

skwire, I really apreciate your reply. I will download when come home cause there´s a firewall in my job.
I am wondering if I can use two instances of CpuIdle to trigger powerSchemeToggler when cpu is idle (<30%) and not idle (>80% - how can I set this? can I use logic operators as = > < >=);

any suggestions will be wellcome. I will give it a go.

In first place, thanks a lot for your tools, I use'pushmonitoroff' as THE solution to assign a code-key to shut off monitor over my IR control remote. its very handfull.

I am looking for an app wich switches on the fly my windows xp 'power management''s profiles when the cpu turns idle or not idle, I mean:

- when cpu is idle (less than 30%) for 5 minutes turn power mgt to  * 0 - Home/Office desktop  (no need for warns);
- when cpu is not idle (more than 30%)  for 5 minutes turn power mgt to * 5 - Optimized for power saving (no need for warns);

could you figure out if I can apply that on 'cpuidle' ? do you know any app capable of it?

It will be handfull to automate turn on/off asus' cool and quite feature - so I will not need to switch manually everytime I load a heavy app or game, or when I load off these apps.

I really don't know if I can request something here, but anyway its just and idea ok?

thanks in advance and regards mate!

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