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I got the lifetime Key before some Years and really like OSS. I don't see the lifetime Registration for OSS or Antivirus for some Years, only for the Firewall sometimes and now 2 times. 8:Q~

Living Room / Re: How long do hard drives actually live for?
« on: November 14, 2013, 01:22 PM »
One online Storage-Provider, using none Server Disks, post his personal stats before some days. As i remember, about 4% fails within 1st 1,5 Years than the fails go down to 1,5% and max lifetime is about 5-6 Years. This means very high risk after 4-5 Years on heavy usage. Maybe someone get this Article again i don't.  :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: October 17, 2013, 01:10 PM »
Thanks for the Network Connection hint 4wd.

I use the free Total Commander as File Manager.
Download from or Google Play Store.

GPS Navigation & Maps by Skobbler for Car Navigation, working and cheap but not free.

Agnitum offers Lifetime Registration for Outpost Pro Security Suite (This offer is very time limited 24H!)

I own this Security Suite for some Years and I'm very happy with it, this Lifetime Registration is my best Software buy ever. Lifetime Registrations for OSS (59€) are very rare, even if there is a grayed 99€ Price it don't means you can buy it after this offer, normally they only sell the Firewall with Lifetime option but not The Antivirus or the Security Suite.

The News Field within OSS says this offer is only for 24H! The Webpage just say "The offer is time limited".

Main Features:
Outstanding Firewall
Nice Antileak Protection
Solid Antivirus with many Signature Updates
Very nice Performance
Usefull and friendly Forum

I don't want to waste time with this Post, check out the Agnitum Forum before buy, maybe they know if Agnitum sells OSS with Lifetime Licence after this offer.

I switch from XP Home and use Windows 7 32 Home (German) since release day on my main PC, it runs very well. The bad thing is, i cant load some Programs (Coretemp, ProcessTamer) at system start without Admin password or account. Even with Administration rights I'm not able to load this proven Programs for standard users. I try all known tricks with taskplaner, you can save the task with Admin Password but it still don't load the program for standard users, i hope Microsoft fix this (BUG?) soon. Microsoft don't secure anything when they force users to use Admin accounts, turn off UAC or hand out Admin passwords to run some software on standard user accounts. No GpEdit in Windows 7 Home is annoying too. :(
I never see a single blue screen or system crash. The explorer window crashes after right clicking a drive letter within the tree.

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