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On my old laptop I'm using XP and I'm still very happy with it. On my new laptop (once I get a new one after the previous one died after three days) I'm kind of stuck to 7 x64. If I would be able to use a proper XP x64 I would still prefer it over Vista or 7. I'm trying the newest Ubuntu on my PC and I like it, however, it comes with a price: no Adobe-products or a proper Office-suite (no I really don't like OpenOffice).

I've been using Media Player Classic and VLC for years and I still like them better than any other program. What find annoying though is that on Vista and 7 dragging a video to the player to play it is not working anymore. In XP when dragging a file to the open player would keep the player on top of everything else. In Vista and 7 when dragging the player is immediately displayed behind Windows Explorer. This is very annoying when watching tutorial series which consist of many smaller videos, Alt+Tab'ing all the time.

for fans of taskbar shuffle that have been missing the middle-click to close function in win7, there exists 7 taskbar tweaker. this has similar functions, and some win7 specific ones.

I'm also using this application to restore some XP-goodness. I still can't get used to the Vista-look and Mac-like-dock on 7. However, since I bought a new laptop I'm kind of stuck with Win 7 x64. I'm trying to get at least part of ym pleasant XP-experience back. Another thing that helps me a lot is XYplorer which is just so much more Windows Explorer XP than Windows Explorer Vista/7. It's not free though.

One other application I use on 7 is Free Launch Bar. It works perfectly for what I want: fly-out menus in my taskbar (don't think jump-lists, think nested menus).

Find And Run Robot / Re: Missing inital "myaliases.alias" file
« on: November 26, 2009, 07:28 AM »
hi libeco, thank you for reminding me about this, im going to try to fix today.

regarding search, use quotes to search for "windows 7"

Thank you!

Find And Run Robot / Re: Missing inital "myaliases.alias" file
« on: November 22, 2009, 04:46 AM »
I just installed FARR on my brand new laptop with Windows 7 Pro, but there was no myaliases.alias to be found. I created a blank txt file and renamed it to myaliases.alias in the my document donationcoder location. This made FARR recognise it and I was able to add new entries.

On another note: it's very annoying that once can't search for anything related to windows 7 on this forum because each word should be longer than 2 characters.

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