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Well I've been using it for a couple of months counting down important birthdays. I set it up in a corner of the screen where it autohides until activated as a strip across the screen. Simple and effective.

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: Monitor Dimmer
« on: May 26, 2008, 02:24 AM »
So good I've put it into my startup. I might make double-click choose 'toggle' and find a nice icon though if thats ok. Thanks!

Living Room / Re: Comics? He's got comics!
« on: November 27, 2007, 05:38 PM »
You're a 21st Century HERO! I'm going to read them all. lol.

The symptoms are:
   no errors (if it really won't work, there probably should be)
   no buttons, but the extra bar space is visible.
   no classid etc displayed after choosing 'show info'
I edited the notepad.ini and deleted all but one button. Also  pointed it to the right place (in w98) for the icon...

Still no buttons.
Could it be the middle mouse button references? I could go thru and delete them from the ahk file. What do you think?  :tellme:


:tellme: Does AutoHotkey's Window Spy tool work?


Yep, it works fine. :)

Boo hoo! I'm missing out on all the fun. Could it be because I'm running win98se? If so, couldn't we make it work anyway? Maybe it's the way AHK thinks w98se can't see the middle mouse button (it can with intellipoint). I've downloaded the .ahk file but it'd probably be quicker if you did it.

The symptoms are:
   no errors (if it really won't work, there probably should be)
   no buttons, but the extra bar space is visible.
   no classid etc displayed after choosing 'show info'

If I really have to I'll look at the script myself, but I'm kinda busy trying to get my shutdown button to erase all those index.dat's.


Living Room / Re: Online Cover Browser for Comic Books
« on: October 26, 2006, 08:07 AM »

 ;D 8) :tellme: :P Thanks

We've talked to Mobysaurus (Anderson Ho) and he's willing to squeeze us in. We'll send him the questions, he'll record the answers, send them to us, and we'll edit it and send it in.

Now we just have to play with our new reference-shelf. We particularly like the Devil's dictionary and the Foolish dictionary. ;D

Yes to both.

We use cooledit all the time.

Unfortunately, while we have 'broadband', the download limits are tiny so ip-phone is out of reach.

We are fans of English usage (and abusage -is that a word?) and would love to interview the Mobysaurus creator(s). I followed the link and had a look. Now I'm downloading some more bloatware (.net) I'm so impressed with the idea. I've been using a ratty Oxford dictionary that came on a pc-magazine cd years ago. This Mobysaurus looks like what I've wanted for ages! Australia is fairly big so we may have to take our Marantz-digital-thing with us for an explore to where-ever they are.

I'll follow up, and report back.

gq & am

ps On an entirely different subject, can anyone tell me how to use smileys? Tried dragging them but ended up with the javascript text -and no smiley.

General Software Discussion / Re: Klipfolio 3b
« on: May 05, 2006, 03:23 AM »
KlipFolio2.6 has been my no-browser favorite for a while now, but I mostly just use Firefox's "Live Bookmarks" (via the bookmark manager). It gives me a dropdown menu of news-feeds. Not very sophisticated but it gets me the news really well. I'll have to check the new version. However I'll first check out this 'Scrapbook extension' you mention. Thanks for that.

General Software Discussion / Re: Do you use RSS feeds?
« on: May 05, 2006, 02:58 AM »
My favorite is Firefox. I have a drop-down menu with 13 Newspaper headline feeds. It's easy to scan a few hundred Headlines then open up a few at a time in different tabs. Very efficient!

My previous favorite was Serence Klip Folio which let me put a whole series of buttons across the bottom of the screen. Each button would pop-up a menu fo the RSS feed's headlines. Oddly enough KlipFolio claims to be built on Mozilla -so i guess there are versions for real operating systems too. I really liked it, but personally I found Firefox the simplest.

Using Firefox is a bit foxy in that adding new feed requires cut & paste, and to make a new 'Live Bookmark' from the 'Manage Bookmarks' window.

I really wish Firefox could deal with Favorites properly, it would make the whole process so much easier.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Run bat files transparently
« on: April 28, 2006, 08:39 AM »
Another answer is to put your command line into a normal shortcut (.lnk) and set the properties to  run minimized, and to close when finished. You can also choose an icon this way.

My friend and I both have experience in public radio broadcasting here in Australia. We don't have ip-based comms but do audio editing etc (I also used to mix bands and produce adverts). We'd like to hear developers talk about their urges and idiosycracies too, so lets have a go. Annie is quite an experienced interviewer, but it could be a pricey proposition over the phone. Maybe the interviewee could record and send the answers which is similar to the way politicians do it? Anyway we're interested!

Can't help it, i still play Doom (the first).

My into to gaming was the video-games at a local pool-room-cum-cafe. There was nothing that could beat Galaga which came after Asteroids and Space war. C64 made it possible to play this generation at home without coins!!!

General Software Discussion / Re: Boot optimisation software
« on: April 15, 2006, 09:31 PM »
I currently use Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel but will probably add Startup Delayer (RJL Software) for ultimate  control of startup sequence. Mike lin also has the Startup Monitor mentioned above which is more a security thing. My system is still win98 so I have no idea if this will work on xp or anything else. I'd love to know though, so if anyone else uses the Startup Control Panel under xp let me know!

My Best Tip: Dont load anything unless you can really justify it! Convenient buttons can easily  create an inconvenient operating system.

Happy Birthday to all the team and contributors. I love this down to earth approach to the web and programming. It on my favorite places list. Hope the next year is as fab as the last.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Bluetooth Headset audio device
« on: March 10, 2006, 11:20 PM »
I have a Bluetooth-Usb dongle and a Bluetooth headset and would like to use it (via the modem wave device) instead of a handset or speakerphone (mic & speakers) for phone calls and playback of music.

Unfortunatly, all the available Bluetooth standard software excludes the headset 'profile' on w98 implementations. I don't even want the vast range of options available, just a simple audio device that can be mixed as normal through the windows mixer (Volume Control), or chosen as a default audio device in Multimedia controls.

Perhaps I'm dreaming. Its certainly out of my league, but who knows? If anyone can help on this I know it would be used widely by those of us stuck in bed, or with other disabilities.


Finished Programs / Re: DONE - IDEA: Time Stamp to Clipboard
« on: March 10, 2006, 10:55 PM »
This isn't exactly the same idea, but somewhat similar:

;;; ClipDate v0.1 bLisTeRinG 2004 ;;;

tmSave = %Clipboard%
tmIni = ClipDate.ini
FileInstall, ClipDate.ini, %A_ScriptDir%\%tmIni%, 0
iniRead, tmClp, %tmIni%, options, iniFile
iniRead, db, %tmIni%, options, debug
Loop, 14
  iniRead, tmM, %tmIni%, menu, menu%a_index%
  iniRead, tmC, %tmIni%, menu, code%a_index%
  If tmM = Error
    tmC%a_index% = %tmC%
    Menu, Tray, add, %tmM%, tmGo
    IfEqual, db, yes, MsgBox, iniFile:`t%tmIni%`nmenu:`t%tmM%`nvar:`ttmC%a_index%`ncode:`t%tmC%`ndebug:`t%db%
Menu, Tray, add,
Menu, Tray, add, Clip&Date, tmCD
Menu, Tray, add, Clip&Time, tmCT
Menu, Tray, add, Clip&Both, tmCB
Menu, Tray, add,
Menu, Tray, add, &KeepOpen, tmKeep
IfExist, %tmClp%, Menu, Tray, add, &Clipboard, tmClip
Menu, Tray, add, E&xit, tmExit
Menu, Tray, icon, %a_WinDir%\Clipbrd.exe
Menu, Tray, tip, %Clipboard%
Menu, Tray, default, Clip&Date
Menu, Tray, nostandard
Menu, Tray, show

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; presets
FormatTime, tmT, , h:mm tt
Clipboard = %tmT% %a_dddd% %a_mmmm% %a_dd% %a_yyyy%
Menu, Tray, default, Clip&Both
Goto tmTT

Clipboard = %a_dddd% %a_mmmm% %a_dd% %a_yyyy%
Menu, Tray, default, Clip&Date
Goto tmTT

FormatTime, tmT, , h:mm tt
Clipboard = %tmT%
Menu, Tray, default, Clip&Time
Goto tmTT

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; routines
Tooltip, %Clipboard%
Menu, Tray, Tip, %Clipboard%
SetTimer, tmTTX, 7000
IfEqual, tmKeep, yes, Menu, Tray, show

If tmKeep = yes
  tmKeep = no
  Menu, Tray, uncheck, &KeepOpen
  tmKeep = yes
  Menu, Tray, check, &KeepOpen
Menu, Tray, show

Run, %tmClp%
Menu, Tray, show

SetTimer, tmTTX, Off
If tmKeep = yes
Goto tmExit

IfWinExist, Clipboard Viewer
Clipboard = %tmSave%

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; get settings
;;; Keep the last chosen MenuItem as double-click default.
Menu, Tray, default, %A_ThisMenuItem%

;;; Get Menu# to choose Variable# (tm) & Clear Clipboard.
Transform, tm, deref, `%tmC%a_ThisMenuItemPos%`%
Clipboard =

;;; Split variable(tm) into Array (tmA1...tmAx)
StringSplit, tmA, tm, %A_Space%, `%`,

;;; Get Items from Line (raw:tmB fixed:tmD)
Loop, 10
  tmB = `%tmA%a_index%`%
  Transform, tmD, deref, %tmB%
  IfEqual, tmD, , Break
  tmE = `%%tmD%`%
  tmF =
  Transform, tmF, deref, %tmE%
  ;ToolTip, D:`t%tmD%`nF:`t%tmF%
  ;Sleep, 2000
  If tmF =
    ;msgbox, Table
    If tmD = a_mmmm
      tmF = %a_mmmm%
    If tmD = a_mmm
      tmF = %a_mmm%
    If tmD = a_dddd
      tmF = %a_dddd%
    If tmD = a_ddd
      tmF = %a_ddd%
    If tmD = comma
      tmF = `,%a_space%
    ;ToolTip, Table:`t%tmF%
    ;Sleep, 2000
    Clipboard = %Clipboard%%tmF%
    Clipboard = %Clipboard% %tmF%
  IfEqual, db, yes, MsgBox, item:`t%a_index%`nB Raw:`t%tmB%`nD Code:`t%tmD%`nE Raw:`t%tmE%`nF String:`t%tmF%`nClip:`t%Clipboard%
Goto tmTT

Anyway it might be ok for someone...


Finished Programs / Re: DONE: WinampKiller
« on: March 10, 2006, 10:32 PM »
I had trouble shutting down (w98se) whenever the dialup or winamp were still loaded so I did this:

;;;    Shutdown Button v0.2 for Win98se bLisTeRinG 2006

opt = %1%
  Goto Help
  StringLen, pot, opt
    opt = 9

DetectHiddenWindows, On
DetectHiddenText, On
WinKill, ahk_class Winamp v1.x

WinClose, Connect to
;Process, Close, RNAAPP.EXE

FileRemoveDir, C:\Temp, 1
FileCreateDir, C:\Temp
FileRemoveDir, %A_WinDir%\Temp, 1
FileCreateDir, %A_WinDir%\Temp
FileDelete, %A_WinDir%\Recent\*.*
Shutdown, %opt%


MsgBox, Syntax: Shutter.exe ?`n`n? is one of the following:`n`n0 Logoff`n1 Shutdown`n2 Reboot`n4 Force`n8 PwrOff`n9 Shut+PwrOff -default`n? This Help

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