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Okay, so I am quite a few months behind in updating the kids' photoblog so family and friends can see.

Is there an "automated" batch script I could use that would add all the photos in a folder to their blog?
The two things I really need it to do are:
  • Make the post title the name of the photo
  • Make the post date the date the picture was taken
Is this possible or am I needing to do it manually?
Thanks very much.

Tried out and then saw it does some connection to the internet. Anyone recommend a freeware app that does the same/similar that does not need any sort of outgoing connection at all?
Thanks very much.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Petrol prices around the world
« on: April 30, 2008, 11:51 AM »
Thanks for your reply.
I am still hoping there is a way to do it by choosing a few countries so I can compare them.
E.g. I have family/friends in UK/South Africa and I am in USA so would like to let them know how much we pay compared to them but let them know in their currency and their units.
Cheers :)

Post New Requests Here / Petrol prices around the world
« on: April 30, 2008, 11:28 AM »
I like to know how much petrol is in different countries as I have friends and family around the world. USA does uses $/US gallon. UK does £/litre and other countries do theirs. I think it would be great to be able to input the price per litre or gallon and have an app use the currency rates available online (e.g. Yahoo or whatever) and tell you how much per litre/gallon petrol is in each country chosen and then show you which country is cheapest. You could have the app show up to three (or more I guess) countries and in Settings the user can choose which countries to show and their respective price per unit.
Do you think this is possible? Any DC coding gurus able to help a non-techy coder?
Many thanks

Thanks very much. :D Is there anything that will allow me more than four searches?

Am using latest FireFox version and if I highlight a word, I can r-click on it and it'll Search Google for my highlighted word - very handy little feature!
On an iPhone, I saw a nice utility called WebSearch ( which allows you to add your own search sites for whatever word(s) you input. It then opens the browser to find it with that specific search (e.g. EBay, Wikipedia etc.)
Is there anything like this available as small coding "thing" for Windows users, whether FireFox or IE, when you start the browser? Or even better still, if I r-click on the highlighted word in a webpage, I can then get it to do the same thing WebSearch does?
Thanks for any help!

When you first posted about this request, i tried to make in ahk, but there's no way to see the size of an image in ahk :(
Thanks jgpaiva for trying to get an AHK solution. I just wondered if it was possible because I use AHK so much!
AgentSteal's option is great so far 8)

The program works great! :D
Is there any way this could be made into an AutoHotKey script or does it need to be an exe file?
There was no problem with the test folder, I was just using it as an example of the folder to be created automatically if it didn't exist!

There were both landscape and portrait pics - I made sure there were both types - I wanted to see how it worked! I will check the Case option and see what I can do.
Edit: The script seems to run okay and I checked the case option and it works if the correct case option is selected. It might be quite handy to have the case option a user choice in the settings file. Wow, so glad that it works - I am sure it is gonna save me a few hours! :D
By the way, how would I change the settings file if my Temp folder is on the desktop? Would it need quotes to go around the file locations?
Edit: I just tried it with and without quotes and it seems to work without the quotes.
Is there anyway that the dialog box can close automatically (or a user option in settings if you would prefer to keep the Ctrl+C choice to close) once it is complete?
And another one: Is it possible that the folder can be created automatically if it doesn't exist?

I had a folder on my desktop called Test and copied the two files you had in the zip into it. I created a folder called Temp on the root of C drive and this is the settings file I used:
I then ran the exe file but nothing copied to C:\Temp.
Any reason why it is not working?

I would be most grateful if you could make one that's easier to use.
Thank you for your help so far :-)

thanks! Excuse my ignorance, but how do I apply this PHP script to my folder on my computer? I have *no* idea how to implement this.

Hi DCers
Had a great idea :D for the guru programmers out there in DC Land as I am trying to get a digital frame ready with pics to send to dear old Mom and Dad as a gift:
It would be great if there was an utility that would search a user-selected folder (with the option to search sub-folders if desired) for certain types of files (e.g. JPGs), but it would need to find only pics that were Landscape orientation (or Portrait depending on the user-selected preference), because most people will either have their digital-frame in either Landscape (or Portrait) mode and wouldn't want the pics in the other orientation to show up as they would not fit the screen. Once the pics are found, it would then copy them to a user-selected folder.
Would anyone know how to code this and give us a working example?
This would save me many hours right now as I am going through all the hundreds of camera pics on PC to find ones that Mom and Dad have not seen/been sent of the kiddos, but I then have to choose which ones are the correct orientation for the frame.
If the digital-frame size (e.g. 5". 7" etc.) is relevant to the pixel size of the pics (e.g. 800x600), then the app could recommend (via an on-screen message) the best setting to resize the newly found pics. There are many apps out there that resize just fine so adding to it wouldn't be needed I guess.
What do you all think of this idea?

Coding Snacks / Change Outlook Express Stationery on keypress
« on: September 30, 2007, 08:51 AM »
I have two email stationery items I use depending on whom I send to.
I thought it would be great to have a shortcut key e.g. Win+1 for the one and Win+2 for the other (or another shortcut key that I could choose) so that when I have Outlook Express open, it would create a new email with the one I chose.
Not quite sure how I would go about doing this. Has anyone already done it or could help?
Thanks very much.

I just had an idea and tried it on two files and it worked.
If you have say 100 VCF files in a folder, you can't highlight them all and then drag them into Palm Desktop.
This is where my came in:
What if I go to a CMD window and copy the files together into one VCF and the drag into Palm Desktop?
I renamed my two files (e.g. John Smith.vcf and Sarah Green.vcf to a01.vcf and a02.vcf respectively.
I then typed in a command window:
copy a01.vcf+a02.vcf b.vcf
and the result was my combined VCF with both entries.

This is where I need help:
It would be great if I could r-click on a folder and, no matter what the names of the VCF files, an AHK script would then combine all the VCF files in that folder into one VCF file like in the command above.
In some of my folders I may have over 200 contacts and I don't want to spend an hour or so manually typing the names into one command. Not having to rename any files either would be nice.
Could this be done with AHK?
Thanks to any AHK wonder-gurus out there who could do it as I have no idea!

If I open a message, the SMS AHK window pops up as well :-\
I am guessing you only wanted it to pop up when you Composed a new message and not anytime else?
Just a little "bug" work on to help this along 8)

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so great! Nice how it pops up when you Compose a new message.
Thanks very much! :D

Thanks very much. I am using Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180. Perhaps if you had a Prefs option, you could browse to your Email program of choice?
Looking forward to trying it out. ;)

Count characters as you type
Thanks - this is a great script!
Is there any chance that if you over 160 characters, it could DING a sound or flash in the taskbar or some other type of of notification?
It would be great if the app autostarted if you started typing a specific email address  :D

So do I need to create a profile to use it or can I use it without "logging in"?

Thanks for your input. I was really hoping for real-time counting as I type. Perhaps someone who is way more clued up on programming/scripting could get a bright idea! :tellme:

Sometimes I need to send an email which comes to my phone as an SMS. It would be handy to know when I have reached the 160 character limit as I type in real-time or even if I paste. Does anyone have an idea how this can be done and only show when I use Outlook Express (or Outlook) or when I use IE or FF for example. I don't need it when I am typing in Notepad.

There are times I need to change my Name and email address in the Account settings so once sent, it can show different info.
E.g. My default email info is: John Smith Director <[email protected]>
It would be great if I could have a shortcut key so when enabled, my email info would change to: John Smith Sales <[email protected]> and then once done, I can press another key-combo and it changes to default.

Has anyone written a script to do this or am I "doomed" to have to change it manually everytime I want to send as from someone else?

Post New Requests Here / Re: Autocorrect doesn't always work
« on: July 30, 2007, 03:21 PM »
Someone helped me in another forum and gave me the answer :D
Here it is incase someone else needs it:

Post New Requests Here / Autocorrect doesn't always work
« on: July 30, 2007, 11:56 AM »
I have a file that autocorrects as I type but sometimes the characters don't change if they are part of a word.
E.g., if I want to type an "e" with an accute on the end, I type .e' and I get é. But if I type resum.e' it doesn't change to resumé.
My scripts looks like this:
I did originally try:
but that didn't seem to work. I find that it works okay if you just need to do the one letter combo, but not if you type the word with the autocorrect bit.
(I can't add ::resume::resumé because sometimes I need the word to mean "to continue" and not the word similar in meaning to a CV).
Is there a way to get shortcuts to work when typing a word if my trigger is a period, like in my top example?

Another thing, why does autocorrect retype my month name when I type it correctly?
If I type january, I get January which is what I want it to do, but if I type January, I get January typed out again!
I am using this in the autocorrect file:

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