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The free version looks interesting and I can see a use case for example on my son's pc where there just isn't that much that changes. I guess this software worked fine for you other than the disk space issue?
Man i have been using Rollback Professional ver from 2018 (almost 3 1/2 years). Up till the second year it was all good.
But i noticed this error from 2020. Its some bug issue i suppose.
I thought it would make my system bullet proof, but i was wrong. Never use the free ver too. :(

Thank u guys for honestly involving ur time and concern for this post.
But i came to a fix. Simply by uninstalling Rollback RX 10.7, i was able to salvage the space.
After that the disc displayed correct available and consumed space. After selecting Disc detail.
My is an old system with dual core, which honestly hasn't given me bad results.
I thought my system couldn't handle Rollback, but the problem was RollbackRx Pro.
And i h' decided never ever to use Rollback again.
But the problem was fixed, it was the software itself.
Thank u guys, every one who posted. Some i couldn't understand because of my English. U guys r so thoughtful and honest.
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

I don't think changing the download location could magically claim lost space in c:\
Thank u for ur time and concern.

If that helps, here it is.
I don't know where the error is starting.
chkdsk c: /r too doesn't work.
I open cmd prompt as an administrator and it did restart and completed the chkdsk process.
But still no improvement.

Try running CHKDSK C: /R in PowerShell (you will need to restart).

Sometimes if there are issues with the file map on the drive space remains marked as in use after deleting files.

You could also use the built in Windows utility Disk Cleanup from the start menu (just click start and type Disk and it will popup, run it and click Clean System Files). If you have old leftover windows installations after updates they take up a lot of space (sometimes 30Gb+). Note it can take a long time to delete some stuff so be patient.
-Carol Haynes (March 30, 2021, 07:53 AM)
I did it 2-3 times just to be sure but it didn't stop or reverse the process.
So are any other ways. I m on a dual boot XP & 7.
But the vol with 7 is still showing problems. I was though thinking of doing that but payed little attention to it.
I don't what to do at this point.

WizTree - Find out where the space is being used first.
Thank u for the link, i already h' SpaceSniffer. Although i did use that in the past. Without much success.
As this tool is doing the same. It shows all the files but those are important or video files.
I just deleted The.Lord.of.the.Rings BluRip that was 6 GB but the Windows Explorer didn't show any decrease in the
file size. So i m thinking maybe i installed some program that is encouraging this behavior, for that i need to restore the
snapshot many time to see the changes.
But even there is a reason behind it, could anyone suggest something. :-[

General Software Discussion / Cannot claim free space in C:\
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:58 AM »
Hello guys, i thought i would post my problem here. Since Google didn't show many results.
U see my problem is my C:\ is 200 GB which is quite less for Win7.
I h' portable drive to make a backup of my data. Which i do and its going okay.
But whenever i download some movies to drive C:\ it occupies some space and over time it becomes quite full
but i also delete those files which r on C:\; but when i check the details it doesn't show the amount of free space available.
Please see snapshot.
So as it doesn't do that, i end up with more and more used space, i don't know what i should do to
claim those free spaces. At one time, my available free space was only 11 MB and Win7 showed some errors. But
it quite did not claim the free space. So eventually i reverted back to the snapshot that was fresh and still working with
lots of space. Due to this problem i h' to go back to previous snapshot again and again. (I use Rollback Rx for that).

So guys hope it was understandable, how do i fix this.
Please do not tell me to use Disk Cleanup tool as i h' already done that and it shows only 200 MB of file to be deleted.
Where as i am talking about 80-90 GB of space. Refresh button doesn't help.


I think the proper term would be i had mistakenly allowed a cookie to track my search in Google which results is some unwanted ads.
During that time, in the heat of things i had selected accept, then the problem is bugging me.
I really wish i could selectively or individually remove this bugging tracker from unanimous place.
Do u happen to know how i could achieve this. U see, i am quite satisfied with how, Mozilla displays the search result and it specially
helps me in purchasing accessories whenever i search it on Google in Mozilla Firefox.
I am using Mozilla 67.0.3(x32bit). Awaiting reply.

General Software Discussion / Mozilla search result behaving abnormally?
« on: September 22, 2019, 08:26 AM »
Hello Mozilla users.
A week or months ago, i had allowed one app from doing something that i don't clearly remember about.
But the nagging thing is that, whenever i try to search for something.
It also show's some other results which i do not want.
It's like the normal behavior of the browser is changed.
I have been using Mozilla for years and i don't want to change or install or move to some other browsers.
So please help me with this change, i want to remove that app or thing that is making Mozilla behave in a strange way.

Please see the snapshot for the difference.
The first image is how Mozilla used to behave and i am fine with that. But then after few seconds it shows different results(Second image).
If you want to see or know the difference then try typing Shadow defender download in the Google.
It show up something like this is in the image. But in my case it changes to different page. How do i fix this.
I don't want Mozilla to behave that way. Any help would be great.

If you couldn't run Win7 on your machine, how is any WinPE after XP going to run?

To handle >2TB in XP x86 you need to either:
1) format the HDD using GPT partitions, (instead of MBR), which XP x86 can't handle anyway, or
2) see if there is some utility on the manufacturers website that will format it so it can be used on XP, (something they used to provide).

There was a driver that allows XP to handle GPT, Paragon GPT Loader but it's discontinued, send them a message maybe they'll give you a copy.

The other alternative if you want to stay with XP is to move to XP x64.

On a next reboot , i didn't give the live Ubuntu USB enough time to reboot itself, i removed the usb half way and now the condition is
i cannot load Live Ubuntu it show some kind of error msg when it is about to load.
Windows and GPT FAQ
My machine run Win7 fine, however what i meant was it was failing to recognize a wireless device. Like a Wireless Adapter to connect to net,
and later i realized it was due to faulty driver installation. XP is running that device fine it shows no BSOD, my DVD drive was trashed and i had to
use a portable Ext DVD drive, which didn't do the job properly or reading the disc drivers.

So download and put it on the flash drive again.
Anyways i still can do this. Yeah.
Reinstall Ubuntu to the USB and boot from there, as long as it is working. Why not. hmmmm

Also the GPT thing is only for internal 2.2 TB+ above HDD, not for External. And, it can only be used as a Secondary unit.
I got it downloaded but just saw a GUI, its for Internal 2-3TB HDD.
Anyways don't have much use for Paragon GPT, i'll go will Live Ubuntu.
Why not.

Thank you 4wd, your suggestion is valuable.

Hello, i just recently purchased a 4 TB Ext HDD. It requires Win7,8 & 10 OS to run.
I am running Winxp, my hardware actually came with Winxp and i tried 7 but continuously got some error when i
would insert a device like a, wireless device. So after thinking a hell out, i decided i would switched to xp again.
What cannot it do that 7 can. XP is still good on hardware it came with.
So, my new Ext HDD doesn't run on xp.
So i was hoping to get my hands on a Winpe utility so that i can burn it on a DVD and from there on i would load it and copy some files
from my another 1 TB Ext HDD.
It is some good 250 GB of files that i need to transfer.
Hope i my problem is understood, or what would u suggest. I cannot load that new HDD when i am on XP. So it can be booted
being on a Win7 environment, so like a WinPE for Win 7.
I tried a live Ubuntu and it did boot and recognized my new Ext HDD and i copied a lot of files.
On a next reboot , i didn't give the live Ubuntu USB enough time to reboot itself, i removed the usb half way and now the condition is
i cannot load Live Ubuntu it show some kind of error msg when it is about to load.
It simply doesn't recognized other USB device. Its failing and the only option left is a Winpe tool.

General Software Discussion / Re: Can I make a Live Win XP USB.
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:47 AM »
BartPE...that used to be the tool to create a bootable Windows XP CD/DVD. Done that myself in a distant past.
Even a youtube video:
There was an alternative tool, WinBuilder, that was supposed to be able to do the same. Never tried it myself, so ymmv.
That should get you underway.

I've used BartPE and WinBuilder, both are good, WinBuilder (main site, tutorials) being a little easier, IMHO.
There's also AOMEI PE Builder which will create any PE from XP -> 10 whilst also adding their Backupper and Partition Assistant utilities.
There was also another but I forget the name, (started with R, IIRC), it was a wrapper for BartPE and made adding utilities easier.
Also, a utility was available that could capture installed programs, (or as they they were installed), and create a package suitable for adding to WinPE environments, worked for both BartPE or WinBuilder, IIRC.
Have to look through my file archives to find these again.
Used to spend hours working on creating WinPE environments, these days I don't bother, easier to boot a Linux CD to run recovery programs or such.
EDIT: The other PE creator was called REATOGO which doesn't appear to exist any more, the plugin builder was called H7PluginBuilder which also doesn't exist.

Hello guys, thanks for replying.
#Shades #4wd : I was looking forward to only make a Live XP USB, not a PE.
You know live OS tends to be flexible in due time, you could use legacy software and still be able to run files and program's
with it. PE is still just pre-installed, it's still limited and its good until the Disc is in good condition.
Although its almost the same, for me it is still recovering files from a failed unbootable disc.
But the thought of having a "OS" in a USB is fascinating for me.

My DVD ROM needs fixing. Its broke and i have started collecting a bunch of USB.
I have Disc but they tend to weather away by time, because of dust n dirt.
But today or just now, i made a LIVE XP USB!.....check out the screenshot man.

Ironically, the tool that could do was the first tool i had mentioned in my post above, its very lite and surprisingly it did it.
USBoot 2.14 Download
You need to have a hardware that still runs WinXP PRO, which i had with me.
You should probably have a fresh install of WinXP PRO. A working bootable WinXP CD.
Its a three step process and could take sometime.
Also it require a net connection in order to get a Response Code which is a part of the whole installation process.
Kind a easy.
Here is a complete Tutorial:  MAKE A LIVE WINXP PRO
Youtube Video Tutorial : YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL

You could achieve the same thing from a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox or VMWare but it cannot complete the third step.
So if you do not want to mess with the process, use a old pc with a fresh WinXP PRO already installed.
You will not be disappointed. I downloaded WinBuilder but it didn't go beyond this error message like proxy setting....this and that.
But i am glad you guys took some time for my post. Donationcoder has really been lucky for me, keep it burning man.

Thank you, love you guys.  :D :D :D
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Can I make a Live Win XP USB.
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:33 AM »
Hello folks i am trying to make a Live Winxp USB by a tool called "USBoot 2.14" and "WinSetup-1-0-beta7". Okay i have attached the files and from my experience you will not have much success by using the first tool.

The second tool comes pretty close as there are a bunch of tools ready to prepare your USB.
The tricky part is i have tried it and there are certain instruction you need to follow after the WinXP comes to an end when installing it on the USB.
Certain steps need to be followed but i couldn't access those steps as it was not available to me. Maybe the XP setup process may have erased those small programing details because after all the steps during boot process could possibly be erased.
As it is installing in the self, or the USB.
But i am too puzzled to explain.
What i want you to do is make a live bootable xp from the second tool.
I hope you have an extra XP image file at your disposal, please try to recreate a live XP USB and could you tell me how its done in actual way.
Or could you suggest me some other tools to make a LIVE XP USB ready to be deployed.

I really hope you have some success with the second tool and if u r then please
repeat those steps in this post. Again you could suggest some thing as i have found only two tools that could do this.

Hope it is understandable. I am eagerly awaiting your process and idea on this

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Happy New Year 2018 :D :D :D

P. S: Please try downloading those tools n please use tht same name while searching in Google.
The combined size was 9 mb. Thts big so please download urself n see the process.
Cheers  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 31, 2017, 03:57 AM »
Download, extract FD12FULL.img, write it to a flash drive using Win32DiskImager, boot it, select the language, then answer No - Proceed to DOS on the next screen.
Either way you will need to modify it to do what you want.
Its clearly evident from the screen shot tht u're using Freedos 1.0 n the one they r providing is 1.2.
So i believe they did change certain things.
I tried every method.
U should try with ver1.2.

That is the archive for FreeDOS 1.2 is it not?

It boots to FreeDOS from that point you can modify it however you like.  It might be that it loads it all into RAM to run in which case you'll need to modify the image it's running from.  It might be that it runs from the flash drive mapping it as C:

The point is it runs, FreeDOS 1.2, from this point you need to work on it to get it to do what you want.

I have minimal interest in doing searches and combining bits from multiple websites, (something you're quite capable of doing), since there are easier ways to run DOS programs.
Thank you for taking out time to explain things. So far i h' tried all the tools necessary to achieve n make a live usb freedos.
But its not working , i h' already bricked a 16 gb brand new drive i bought recently.
I do not want to do the same, Rufus kind is little robust in this dept. It promises to make a live freedos but all it does is make an installer.
Win32Disk Imager; i think i used tht once on a 4gb drive. It made it bootable but some spaces were lost in the process. After using the format feature from the window: i was able to use the lost space again. But it lost the ability to recognise itself from the boot menu.
So please do not be angry at my continuous request, u h' helped in the past. But this time its not helping. I m okay with the older lighter ver (Rufus prebuilt).So lets close this case. For now. Let just let it be.
I thought u could do something like this from here.
Like here.
I'll just giveup on tht idea.

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:59 PM »
Step 1) Download UNetbootin, run it, select FreeDOS from drop-down menu, select USB drive, click OK.

No - Proceed to DOS[/b] on the next screen.
Either way you will need to modify it to do what you want.
Download, extract FD12FULL.img, write it to a flash drive using Win32DiskImager, boot it, select the language, then answer [b
Its clearly evident from the screen shot tht u're using Freedos 1.0 n the one they r providing is 1.2.
So i believe they did change certain things.
I tried every method.
U should try with ver1.2.

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 30, 2017, 03:18 AM »
Did you boot it?

Option 3, 4, and 5 on the install menu let you run it as a LiveCD - it will be *BASIC*, you will need to modify the image it to install any needed drivers (eg. CD, sound), etc.

  • use UNetbootin, Rufus, etc to install the FreeDOS 1.2 CD ISO to a USB drive and boot that.
  • install FreeDOS to a VM, the FD 1.2 USB install file includes a VM image.
  • use DOSBoxPortable instead.
I tried using UNetbootin; selected  the CD image but still during bootup there is no option 3,4&5.
Using Dosbox wouldn't be a problem.
I used all the tool found here:
5 Tools to make a Dos USB.
Anyways i wanted a live  Freedos USB stick.
Its okay if u couldn't find a way.
 I'll use the old Freedos tht came with Rufus (lite ver).

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 28, 2017, 07:49 AM »

Can u write or explain to me or make a short tutorial on how to make a bootable FreeDOS on USB Device.

Step 1) Download UNetbootin, run it, select FreeDOS from drop-down menu, select USB drive, click OK.

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Short enough?

I think i  tried tht. It made it bootable, but choosing Usb from boot menu: it asked whether to install freedos from menu. Kind a like similar to using Rufus 2.9.
It didn't make a live freedos USB.

I tried tht. :huh:

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:54 AM »
Split it over multiple lines is one option:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. @echo off
  2. set PATH=.;\;\LOCALE;C:\rar330;C:\editv12;C:\FILEMAN\FILEMAN
  3. set PATH=%PATH%;C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD;C:\freedos\dosedit\bin;
  4. echo Using US-English keyboard with US-English codepage [437]


Code: Text [Select]
  1. @echo off
  2. set PATH=.;\;\LOCALE;C:\rar330;C:\editv12;C:\FILEMAN\FILEMAN;^
  3. C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD;C:\freedos\dosedit\bin;
  4. echo Using US-English keyboard with US-English codepage [437]

NOTE: Works fine for normal DOS but who knows for FreeDOS.
Hello 4wd. Your way worked. Such a nice feeling i h' right now.
Can u write or explain to me or make a short tutorial on how to make a bootable FreeDOS on USB Device.
I think u can do it. The link is there below, if u need some idea.

Install FreeDOS 1.2 in USB.

The link is a short tutorial but i dont think its for Free dos ver 1.2.
The one i m using is a FreeDOS, it came along with Rufus prebuilt. Just made it n its working. Not most of the commands r working but i only use a .txt editor for writing n a little for playing games. Just wanted to try FreeDOS fully from a USB. Hope u r understanding.

Cd Standard n USB Full installer here:
FreeDOS Download
If h' time of course. :D  :P

General Software Discussion / Re: Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 16, 2017, 11:52 AM »
Thank you both of you (wraith808 and lainB) i tried editing it in notepad++ and there too i had to press enter after where the semicolon ended ( ; ),after saving and restarting i still get the error. It isn't technically error but lets say it fails to run the program after it has been set in the bat file.
I do not see any other way, i saw the MS-DOS ver and the Windows ver as well for the PATH Command, i am little familiar with it; but it didn't help.
Coming to the conclusion, i would use the one liner for the PATH command, because it gets the job done and i do not need to constantly edit.
Thank you guys for taking the time out, i will holler if something works in few days.
 :) :up: :P

General Software Discussion / Edit this Autoexec.bat?
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:38 AM »
Hello folks, i just started using Rufus to make a bootable USB Drive (it contain FreeDos). Its working fine, however whenever i try to put certain folder name in the autoexec.bat file: for ex-
C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD;    and   C:\freedos\dosedit\bin;

@echo off
echo Using US-English keyboard with US-English codepage [437]

The line starting from @echo off is the actual line present in the autoexec.bat file.
My problem is i can only edit this file from DosEdit program or third party software.
As i open it the "set PATH" line continues beyond the screen in one contineous line.When i choose to give the command "WordWrap", the folder name continues in next line.
To take effect, i h' to save and restart the pc. But when i type the program name invader.exe which is present in C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD; the program doesn't run. It is supposed to, because the line C:\FREEDOS\PSRINVAD; has been added in autoexec.bat.
But when i edit that autoexec.bat in dosedit.exe program and choose unwrap it, it is in one contineous line and it runs file "invader.exe" also other "exe" file.
So using the wordwrap is not making the file run, what should i do. Hope it is understandable.
I am quite new to DOS. Any suggestion is welcomed.

@ Shades/Vurbal: I did something little similar.I started backing up every file to an Ext HDD and went to NUKE the Disk, performed LLF with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS for WD hard drive.
How to low level format or write zeros (full erase) to a WD hard drive or Solid State drive

Then created new partition and restored the old backup. All went fine.
Coming to think of it, it was my fault all the time, the Restoration job which created 8 MB partition was actually the backup of Win7 on Dual boot.
It needed to be installed in Logical drive, but i choose to install it on Primary partition. Just presuming, this eventually led to create 8 MB partition.
I again tried to restore another image( have a dozen of backup images with different OS) of Win7 Pro with 100 MB partition , it went well.

For now, i am OK with Winxp, may be will switch to Win7 next week. If i get bored.

But thank you guys, for suggesting and keeping an open mind.
This experience really taught me something, i.e., never mess with partition tables and Restore jobs. It requires some understanding and little experience. I am just glad its over, with something to remember for sometime.   :Thmbsup:

I tried to restore my earlier back ups made by Drive Snapshot, which does sector by sector backups : it can only install on the logical drive. The  backup image cannot be restored to the  primary partition which is 7 mb in size.
It can delete and deactivate the active partition, but nothing more.

I see no way,except Nuke the disc.
Any suggestion.

@Milesahead : I am using Acronis 2012 bootable Usb created by YUMI creator.Funny I never had a problem of such nature.
I had once such a problem over Secure zone that was created by Acronis 2009, that was a real headache. Ended with few bad sectors, that was that, I won't be using Acronis in near future.
It would be great if you could post a thread in there forum and if possible, could come up with a solution.

@Shades:The 8mb partition is set as Active Primary partition.
I can't resize,  upon deleting and creating again it is locked at 8 mb.I thought of shrinking the extended partition, but I am scared if the files are gone too.
If only I had one Ext HDD with me now,  I would take the long road to re-install Winxp and then restore the image and play with it for a while With different image's I had created before.

Hello folks, today I tried to restore my Win 7 back up image to my default primary partition. Backup was made by this programme called Acronis True image 2012.
After restore, the Pc didn't boot to desktop.
I checked by using G parted tool ,there it shows 8mb got created.
Remaining 70gb was set as logical partition.
I tried to delete, create and resize both the partition, but they like to stay as it is.

I also tried using the Winxp &Win 7 boot disc.
Winxp to can't merge the two partition. It can however delete and create, but can't merge them both.  Win 7 too can't install on the 70gb partition. It seems it got locked somehow.
I used Winxp disc to go to Recovery mode and entered the fix boot and fix Mbr command ,nothing seems to work.

I can't even backup my files to Ext HDD, since that too doesn't work properly. All I can think is to Nuke the disc and start from scratch.
Pleasesee the snapshot taken.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

@Vurbal @AbteriX @worstje:  Thank you all for your reply, sorry i couldn't reply quick. Was out of town for some work.
Vurbal gave an extremely elegant explanation, i just got this post printed.
To refine my understanding of batch commands and parameter. I hope i will be able to do something with these explanation.
Thank you all for taking the trouble to explain in details.
No other forums does, what it does here.
I am glad to be here.

Thank you.

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