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Clipboard Help+Spell / How to change folder in CHS
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:17 PM »
I cannot change the folder where CHS stores the database and backup. I edited the ConfigDir.ini file to point to a different directory but CHS insists on pointing to the original one. I have shut down CHS and reloaded after making the change but it still goes to the original.

I also reinstalled CHS and changed the installation directory but it still insists on using the old one. I even deleted the old directory but CHS still created new files in the old directory.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Version of CHS
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:10 PM »
How do I determine the version installed on my computer?

I have been getting this error for the last week. I found a forum item from several years ago but the solution did not work for me. The data base folder is definitely marked "Read Only". If I use the Security tools and reset permissions to "Full Control", I can manually add files and edit them in this folder. But as soon as I run Clipboard, Windows change permissions back to "Read Only". I tried uninstalling Clipboard but it didn't work. So, now I cannot use the program at all.

Could this problem be due to Microsoft latest updates that have so-called improved protections? I ran into this with the H&R Block tax program which has wiped out access for every one of their customers using the Business Tax Package. The developer in conjunction with Microsoft finally traced the problem to Microsoft's latest Windows updates.

I was running it as a test when I discovered that any other bitmap on the same scanned document would not copy.

I am using Omnipage Pro to scan documents and extract pictures from them. The pictures (graphics) are correctly loaded into the Omnipro Text Editor window. I can right-click and copy the image which immediately appears in the "Clipboard Help+Spell" list. But if I repeat the command, nothing happens. I would expect it to add the picture again to the clipboard.

Shutting down "Clipboard Help+Spell" and restarting, will again work once to copy the image. I don't know whether Omnipro is preventing multiple copies or "Clipboard".

Nicholas Geti

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