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This is a known problem of an older version of FScript used by some scripting-based plugins. You can download a newer version of FScript here:

BTW, if I install this version of FScript, will it break CZB_plugin? (it requires sort of 'patched' FScript)?

Thanks for really helpful plugin, still there is something left to be improved.

as I start writing command , say 'rtm add ' I get list of options in search results window
after I press 'Fx' (F2 to select the 2nd option - "add note") all works fine, but if instead of F2 I press 'Down' FARR catches an exception and terminates.

Please, be aware of it.

FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: CZB pack
« on: August 13, 2009, 03:43 AM »

Recently I've encountered strange problem with GoogleTranslate

as I type 'gt en' and then press 'space' I get Google_Translate error.
(see attached)

I'm running version FARR 2.75.1.
plugin configuration is provided below

please advise.

Please, tell me weither it possible to klip items back to clipboard with respect to the original encoding?
e.g. if once I've copied word "СЛОВО" to clipboard (UTF-8) after klip-ping it looks like mess: ÑËÎÂÎ (ANSI encoding?)
Please, advise

I've managed to download using DCupdater.

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