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  • Sunday September 26, 2021, 5:54 pm
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My name is Sergey and I'm developer of project Rukovoditel

First of all Rukovoditel is a system for managing projects and tasks.
But extensive customization options allow you to create additional entities, configure the relationship between them and create the necessary reports.
Thus, you can create your own application, the most suitable for you.

Please download a copy of Rukovoditel today and tell me what you think!:)

What an incredibly useful idea and application.  Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve for 2.0! Well don.

yes, we are working on next version and there will be more configuration:)

I'd also change the text on the site and in the license. We're most likely not the only ones being confused by that. ;)
Yes, we updated license text
The license is trying to protect:
1.       Illegal distribution
2.       Multiple use of single use paid addons

We are not restricting download.

Any chance of clarifying exactly what a developer is allowed to do with BaDa at this point?

From license:
You can download the core code.
You can also download and install skins, translations, plugins and applications.
You can adapt the core code, skins, translations, plugins and applications.

But it is for single use.

when we say "it is for single use" it means you can't redistribute it and share your modification with other name on your site.

Of course you can install many copies on your server and do any code modification that you need because all code is open source.

You know Bada is also a Telephone OS owned by Samsung? And that is already making inroads around the world, so I'd pick another short-name if I where you ;)
Yes, you are right, renamed short name to "Bilt"

as I understood it was to be used to make web apps. However it's more alike a data reporting tool from reading the website.
Yes, with BaDa you can build web based application and share information to other people.

Reports in BaDa is very important part where you can create report for any entities and filter data by any fields that you created.

Also BaDa has extended user right where you can configure access to each entity and for each filed that you crated in you app...

So yes it will be really good for business or for education I think:)


My name is Sergey and I'm developer of project BaDa - Build A Database Application.

With BaDa you can build useful web based applications that turn data into information. But unlike other web based tools such as ZoHo, BaDa places no restriction on what you can do since it is open source.

In version 1.0 you can define materials and relate them to each other, define listing and forms and create custom dashboards all the while controlling access via sophisticated user controls.

And version 1.0 is only the start.  With your interest and support, we plan to build an application that will make the effort to build an online database app child's play.

So please download a copy of BaDa today and tell me what you think!:)

kindrosker, welcome to DonationCoder.

Thanks, this is really friendly:)

Do you realize that at your current rate of development that you will be on version 48.0 by this time next year, if you continue at this pace and with your current version numbering system?  :o

 :D I separated all job that was planed on 4 big parts, that is why version numerated 1-4. Next version will not very big updates so numeration will be changed. Anyway I like more 48.0  then :)

You can also try this
This is for small team and there is useful reports

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