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The keymaker_setup.exe download that eventually starts matches my download from 2012.
That's the one I've been looking for!  Many thanks!  Now to find the backup floppy ...

Assuming your "text relevant to the site" isn't the URL (or isn't just the URL), then probably some kind of hashing program would work fine for you
Probably moot by now.  Had foot surgery a little over a year ago a year ago, still in rehab.  Sister managing things financial, but didn't check email stuff, so I've lost most Web subscriptions.  Laptop that had the software and data file got kinda, sorta mangled during the storage process.

(surgery was removal of all five (5) toes on right foot - can't you just imagine a 75 year old cripple learning to walk again  :o :-[ :tellme: :D :D :D?)

On a completely different note: am I contributing to the registered pollution playing 'air guitar'? 
Only if you pub[lish | licize]  :o :-[ :-\ :P.

Hash programs do that. Is it possible it simply hashed the text?
Don't Think so, but I have been known to be wrong a time or three.  :o

I'm trying to find a password program L used to have.  Of course, the name eludes me.  I've used it so long,it just became, "the password thingy."

Between hurricane Harvey, a house fire, and a recent theft from my place, I've lost all capability to replace it,unless I can find it online again. 

Reason I want it is because of the way it worked.  Enter text in a field, click,and it generates the same password, based upon that text,  every time.  As a result, I could enter text relevant to a aite and get my password to it w/o having to record the password anywhere.  Ran resident, so I always had quick access to it. 

It's several years old, so may not be available still, but I would dearly like to find it again.  Any help appreciated.

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