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A minor issue with the latest update.  I have 2 LBC docks running (on 2 monitors, but that may not be relevant), with one docked and one undocked.  If I open/close the Prefs window or close/reopen LBC, the undocked one automatically docks, i.e. forgets its previous undocked status.  The beta version you posted at
https://www.donation...x.php?topic=26398.25 on 11/18, which has the same version number as the one here, doesn't have this issue and remembers the docking status.  So I've switched back to that one.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: November 18, 2011, 07:15 PM »
Yes, "always show tray icon" was enabled.  Thanks very much for the fixes.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: November 18, 2011, 05:06 PM »
As far as I can tell, the beta has fixed the docks-remembering-their-respective-monitors issue.  Now, upon closing Prefs or restarting LBC, docks appear on their last-assigned monitors and don't crowd on one.  As for the minimizing to system tray, I hadn't used it much previously, so don't recall how it was behaving before.  But with the beta, right clicking on the sys tray icon and toggling "Restore from Tray" only toggles between dock & undock; "Restore from Tray" seems to act the same as "Toggle Docking" for a given dock.

I should point out another issue I'd notice earlier, as well.  If I have 2 docks running and I assign a transparent background to one dock and a colored background to the other, depending on which one is the colored one, they both appear w/ colored backgrounds.  It seems to be determined by which dock was started first, but I'm not sure.  So if dock1 is given colored bkgd & dock2 transparent, then that's how they appear.  But switch the choice of colored & transparent bkgds for the 2 docks, and both appear w/ colored bkgd!  (So the colored gene is dominant & the transparent one recessive, only if the right sibling is assigned the colored gene!!)

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:22 PM »
Thanks a bunch!  If it's not trouble, please check that your fix will also work with no borders.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:06 PM »
Having borders enabled or not, once you close prefs or restart the program the docks will end up on the same monitor.  (Which monitor they both end up on varies, and it's not clear to me what determines the choice of the lucky monitor each time.)  Can you recreate this issue on your system?  As I mentioned before, I can circumvent the issue by running 2 instances of the program.  Is there a way to have the 2 instances run by default at startup?

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: November 17, 2011, 01:40 PM »
I'm having an issue w/ running multiple LBC docks on dual monitors.  I would like to show dock1 on monitor1 and dock2 on monitor2.  I've tried w/ either creating both docks (1 & 2) under the same .mcf file, or under 2 different files.  The issue is that the 2 docks always appear on the same monitor, if both docks are given no border and a transparent background.  If you allow the docks to have borders, you can drag one of the docks to the other monitor.  But to disable the border you'll have to open the "Preferences" window, and as soon as you close the "Prefs" window, one of the docks will jump to the monitor of the other one.  In other words, everytime I open & close the "Prefs" window, both docks will appear on the same monitor, which makes it impossible in this fashion to run the docks w/ no borders on 2 different monitors.  Even if I give them borders, so that I can drag one to the other monitor, when LBC is restarted, both docks will reappear on the same monitor.

The only way I know to run 2 border-less docks on 2 different monitors, is to run 2 instances of LBC.exe.  Then in the "Prefs" of each instance uncheck one or the other of the docks.  This way each instance of LBC executable can run one of the docks w/ no border on a different monitor.  The problem again is that even if "Start with Windows" is checked under "Options" for both instances, when restarted only one instance, and therefore only one of the docks, will appear, and you'll have to manually run another instance on the other monitor and adjust the prefs.

Is my system misbehaving or is that the current design?

Seems appropriate; I'll take it!  Just call me The Launchbar Juggler.

Since I have various docks on a 2-monitor setup, attached are shots of both screens to show relative positioning of various docks.  The LBC, of course, is displayed as the Greek-letter icons on the upper left side of the left monitor.  (At the bottom of left screen is Rocketdock, and at the bottom of the other one is Objectdock.)

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 07:14 PM »
Yes, that's how I'm using it now: undocked, no-border w/ transparent background, just showing the icons.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 03:42 PM »
If you set it such that undocking LBC automatically gives it a border, please allow for a no-border option (when undocked) in the preferences.  E.g., I like to display LBC w/ a transparent background and no borders, whether docked or not, so that only the icons are visible.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 03:13 PM »
Yes, it was set to no-border.  Another, though minor, issue is that I also had it set to "Transparent" under "Background Display," which makes it quite tricky to right-click on the right part of LBC to get the properties options that you normally get when you just right-click on the LBC strip area when it's not transparent.  When the strip is transparent, right clicking on it is like right clicking anywhere else on the desktop.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 02:45 PM »
Brilliant insight into your own handiwork!  Yes, it works that way.

In Win XP under Taskbar -> Properties, there is the "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" option, which allows a maximized application window to cover/not-cover the taskbar.  Can there be such an option for the Normal mode of LBC?  Under Preferences -> Options, unchecking "keep lunchbars on top" and checking "Disable Topmost ..." doesn't do that trick for me; a maximized window is always excluded from the LBC strip area.

My other issue has to do with inconsistent behavior when certain application windows, such as video players, are in full-screen mode. But I'll put that aside for now.


LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 01:50 PM »
When undocked, I cannot resize LBC to uncover all the icons. And whether docked or undocked, I cannot drag-and-drop it.  Since I'm not sure if these issues are related to my dual-monitor setup, maybe they're different from the original topic of this post.

If LBC is docked in Auto-Hide/Slide mode, it does not shield any part of the screen from maximized windows.  However, if docked in Normal mode, it shields the upper edge, where it resides, from maximized windows.  Can there be an option to override that?  Also, Normal mode doesn't shield any part of the screen from full-screen windows.  However, LBC always stays on top of the full-screen window, even if "Keep LaunchBars On Top" is unchecked and "Disable Topmost when ... FullScreenApp detected" is checked, in the "Options."  Can that be overridden, as well?


LaunchBar Commander / Re: LBC with two monitors problem
« on: October 28, 2011, 02:04 AM »
Was this issue resolved?  I have a similar but worse problem with a dual-monitor system running XP MCE SP3.  LBC v1.124.01 always docks at the upper edge of the 1st monitor.  I cannot dock it anywhere else.  If I click toggling to undock it, it appears at a fixed position on the screen with half of the icons not showing, and cannot be moved anywhere else.  (At least, while it's docked at the upper edge, all the icons are shown.)  Clicking "Rebuild Dock to Fixup Display" makes no difference.

Hi Mouser,

And thanks for the update.  But now that I've updated it, the "About" window shows it as version 1.99.01.  Another typo?

Forgot to thank the authors of the script; I find it quite useful.

Found a resolution.  I only know some elementary stuff about ahk scripting, but I looked at the script I'd downloaded & noticed that in the "TRANSPHKEY" section the value of the hotkey that's been invoked is passed on to the transpnum variable, which is then used in the "TRANSPARENCY" section to calculate the transparency level.  The hotkey, though, has the "!" character in it, but you only want the number that proceeds it.  Searched through ahk documentation & found the command for extracting the character.  Simply replace the line "transpnum:=A_ThisHotkey" w/ "StringRight transpnum,A_ThisHotkey,1" which tells it to assign the rightmost character in the hotkey to "transpnum".

Well, it's been educational talking to myself.

I guess I've answered myself.  I searched in the registry for "createshortcut" & noticed that the "command" subentry had as "Data" a .exe which I hadn't downloaded; I'd only downloaded the .ahk script.  So I placed the .exe in the same directory as the .ahk & it works.  But I'm confused.  I thought w/ these 1-hour softwares you typically have a choice of running them via .ahk or .exe.  Apparently, the .ahk is not self-sufficient in this case.  But this isn't explained at the download page.


I'm running WinWarden with the AutoHotKey script (& I've also tried this w/ the .exe version).  Everything I've tried w/ it seems to work except the hotkeys for transparency.  I can still adjust transparency by right-clicking the tray icon, but doing Alt followed by a number key resets the transparency of the active window to off, whatever it may have been & whatever number I choose.  Other hotkeys seem to work.


I just installed CreateShortcutThere as an AutoHotKey script, but it doesn't seem to be working right.  I downloaded the .ahk script and double-clicked it.  It opened a dialogue box querying whether I wanted to install the context menu item, and I said yes.  Now when I right click on a file the "CreateShortcutThere ..." option is available but clicking it opens the "Open With" dialog box to "Choose the program you want to use to open this file".  Shouldn't it open a dialog box for choosing the location of the shortcut?!!


Thanks.  If we use DcUpdater, will it correctly identify the latest version even if mislabeled?


Just wanted to point out my confusion about the FARR upgrades & their dates.   I think it was last week that for the 1st time I downloaded & installed FARR.  The "About" screen showed that to be version 2.61.02.   Today I downloaded what's supposed to be the latest version, dated 5/25/09, and now the "About" screen shows it as 2.61.01.  While downloading the software last week, did I accidentally step through a portal into the future and retrieved a version not yet hatched by the Mouser?  If so, will I be able during my next connection to a donationcoder server to step even deeper into a future where Find-And-Run Robots will have taken over the entire global network, finding and running down the last pockets of human resistance?  And which of you will then join the crusade to stop the Mouser before his creation unwittingly ushers in the Great Quaternary Cenozoic global extinction?

PS I just noticed that this version issue was pointed out before, but I'm too lazy to rewrite the above ramblings.  So what's the resolution?  I also noticed that on the donationcoder main page the latest versions are not correctly shown; FARR is shown as 5/19.
BTW, thanks a lot for the fine program; nice work.

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