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or you check this one: Lookeen
it´s a outlook-searchtool but it also can be used for normal file-types and it even searches within this files...
it works only with outlook (could be a little disadvantage, but at work, outlook is used the whole day, so this won´t be problem)


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sorry this should not be any spam or advertising.... i found this tool by accident a few weeks ago and just loaded the 14-day-trial and was amazed... the same way some people get amazed by xobni..

i also found this discussions by accident and Lookeen was not named but does the same things like the other tools... because of that i thought it would be helpful to recommend Lookeen here.

sorry again if sb thought tham i´m a spammer... i´m not!

greets peter

what about Lookeen???

not for desktop search but the best outlook-search-tool existing!
searches even within attachments.

what about other search tools? i think there are some really interesting tools available!
i personally use Lookeen which sorts the results similar to PHITSC´s suggestion
I was actually thinking about adding something like this to the FARR WS plugin. The plan was that if you typed 'ws' the first entry would be 'Search for...' and if you selected that (i.e. hit enter), you'd get a list like:
-phitsc on May 08, 2009, 03:51:22 AM

and you can search multiple .pst-files, archives (also closed), open folders, exchange (..)

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