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Depending on what you mean by "cool GUIs," you might give Processing a look.  It's particularly good at artistic or data-driven graphical displays.  Not sure about unusually-shaped windows, however.

For this kind of project, SketchUp is a great choice. MUCH simpler to use and faster to learn than a "regular" CAD program. There's a free version available from Google that you can try out.

One caveat with SketchUp:  I've found it difficult to do exact dimensioning.  It requires some mouse-and-keyboard-fu, and changing dimensions after the fact is difficult enough that I've found it easier to delete missized objects and start over.  I'd prefer a parametric CAD system for generating plans for fine furnishings; that is to say, anything I was putting inside as opposed to a garage.

Or, you can use pencil and paper, as I did for my headboard, which came out fine.  I'd suggest getting a good, ghosted grid paper; I'm partial to the engineer's computation pad myself.  It is green paper with the grid printed on the reverse so it just shows through.  Of course, I'm an engineering student, and always have this stuff around, so I may be biased.  A light, ghosted grid is essential, though, since it lets you use an erasable pencil without (1) damaging the grid lines, and (2) confusing your lines with the grid.

FYI:  Lightroom (now Photoshop Lightroom) Beta 4 is released on Mac/Win, with (near) feature parity between the two.  Seems quicker than Beta 3 from my short tests.  Favorite feature added to Windows:  Lights Out.  I'll get the chance to play with it more extensively on Sunday once I've done a new shoot (Petit Le Mans is Saturday!) and might do a preview mini-review since it doesn't look like anyone else has tackled it.

See Carol's original post for the download link.

Living Room / Re: National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo)
« on: August 03, 2006, 06:35 PM »
You could start a collaborative writing thread just for the heck of it, nudone, though as you say it isn't exactly in the spirit of NaNo, where the focus is on personal achievement of a seemingly impossible goal.  That, and sleep deprivation.  It might still attract a crowd, but of course there's only one way to find out for sure.

Living Room / Re: National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo)
« on: August 03, 2006, 01:42 PM »
I'm a finisher in 2003, though I posted a DNF in '04 and an effective DNS in '05.  I'm planning on trying again this year.  It's one heck of a difficult month, but it's pretty fun, even if you know you've created little of value.  Lots of local groups give the effort a pretty good support structure for the authors.

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