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Very much here.
Haven't been posting. But am a great consumer of the posts and topics

Light weight, portable and works well

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Bluebeam Review
« on: April 16, 2010, 05:30 AM »
ok. I will give bluembeam another shot. Will report how I fare this time around

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Bluebeam Review
« on: April 15, 2010, 12:59 PM »
Well, I distinguish between text edit and markup like these:

Example of text addition/Edit:
(a) Add text: I use this to fillup "wire transfer" information in pdf application form that I download from my bank's site. I open the pdf in an editor, add text in the appropriate places, save, print, sign and send.
(b) Edit text: In other instances, Pull up an old filled (such) form, open in an editor, edit earlier filled text like $$amount, account number, beneficiary details (as may be the case), save as a different pdf
(c) Markup: More general usage - like markup of comments / remarks / inputs in a pdf quotation / invoice sent by my staff. One can turn comment on / off. The basic text of pdf is not altered

Foxit editor does a pretty neat job of (a) and (b) - something I am used to.
Bluebeam probably treats everything as (c)

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Bluebeam Review
« on: April 15, 2010, 11:42 AM »
I tried Bluebeam and liked it.
Ran into a problem though.
Prior to trying Bluebeam I used Foxit editor to edit pdfs.
Edits and text additions done with Bluebeam (not markups) do not appear if the pdf file is opened with foxit editor later on.
I dont remember but I think the changes done with Bluebeam did not appear when the file was opened in foxit reader as well.
I was so used to foxit editor that I had to abandon the new entrant in favor of the old horse

I still think this is some protocol/layer issue that might have gotten fixed by changing some default options or by flattening before saving. Did not bother to investigate though

I would love to have an option that asks me - upon a file download/creation - as to where (a different folder) to move the file to.
I am one of those gs - who do not move files to relevant folders soon after creation/download resulting in the "documents folder" piling up 100s of files slowing down things.
Presence of File search softwares like Locate32 and X1 does not help in getting disciplined

This is all over the net today.

Is this something to get excited about?

Wouldn´t it be better to look for the last used folders than creating a mindmap-like environment where you never can be sure that the position of your folders are the same? I personally don´t like mindmaps - they´re more confusing than helping at fileworks or managing textual structures. MMs are only useful for collecting a huge bulk of text without taking care of finding particular ones very fast.

I meant - not really  a mind map but a mind map kind of structure....
With my documents being the central topic (The sun)
All folders within mydocuments being the planets around the sun (with a plus sign to expand the files and folders within the folder)...
This way - I will have 360deg access to all folders and subfolders...

Problem: Daily downloads / mail attachments filling up mydocuments folder real fast. 100s by the end of the week.  These have to be sorted into their respective folders by weekend manually. The destination folders are usually multilevel deep in the folder structure. Such a boring and time consuming task

Solution needed:
Some easy method - the more I think about it - I fancy the idea of having an application that will present all destination folders around mydocuments folder in a graphical way (like mindmap) allowing me to just move the files around. Ofcourse, I should be able to click open the files to see the contents if the name is not suggestive of the destination.

Any thoughts?

General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9 Questions
« on: March 14, 2009, 10:55 PM »
I use DOPUS for the past 3 years. Never knew this ALT+Dbl Left click existed.

How about getting dopus to display only files that were "lastr modified" today..., yesterday...., this week etc. right from toolbar

General Software Discussion / Re: MAILSTORE EMAIL ARCHIVER
« on: March 30, 2008, 07:10 AM »
Good to know that mailstoreplus will be available.

Two things lacking in the free mailstore home version is (a) Not More than 3 email sources and (b) Cannot export a set of folders (of mails) to outlook or Windows Mail.

I Hope that the plus version will allow both of these

Speaking of it, only "3 email sources" is not really a limitation in the sense, one could always delete a source, add another source, archive and come back to the first one

Having used Mailstore, cant think how good other solutions like Mailbag assistant would be? I have not tried Mailbox assistant.
Anyone has a comparison?

General Software Discussion / MAILSTORE EMAIL ARCHIVER
« on: March 30, 2008, 04:25 AM »
I have been using Mailstore Home http://www.mailstore.../mailstore-home.aspx for archiving emails from my gmail and imap accounts.
The experience has been Quite impressive. So much that I have almost stopped using X1 for searching email.
It has also helped me avoid keeping all those old archived pst files in my laptop (so as to enable X1 to archive the mails)

Is anyone else using mailstore? What is the experience?  Would anyone recommend upgrading to mailstore server (USD599)?

General Software Discussion / Re: web mail client
« on: November 18, 2007, 09:46 AM »
Any idea when Yahoo will roll out IMAP?
There were news of IMAP links in yahoo mail etc.

i wonder which one of these suggestions did ganrad choose in the end.. :)

EMSA is what I am using.

Does a good job of running in the background and capturing the typed text.

Well..., the antivirus and anispyware packages do not see EMSA as friendly.

Had to reinstall 3 or 4 times so far since antivirus software (Panda) deleted EMSA without notice (LOL)

I am impressed.
This is the first ever time that I participated in the draw and got a free license. WOW. My good day.

I am not a coder - for that matter dont have much to do with compuer and software. So, unable to contribute anything technical in this forum!

Just like playing around with and using software that makes usage easy and more productive!

Well, as a way of thanking, donated some funds to DC today.

Thanks guys!

You have come up with an ethical use for a keylogger...the first I have ever seen. I never thought about it this way before.

You have given me an idea though...let's see what it eventually turns into, if anything. No time estimates. If I am going to do something, I want to do this right...and make sure it stays ethical.


Just some thoughts

One way to keep this ethical could be to perhaps throwup a periodical splashscreeen warning the user of the presence of a keylogger.

And the app could pop up a message upon "browser close" to check if keylogs should be kept or discarded.

The app could consciously ignore userid and password fields.

Think of it, such a "goodboy" keylogger could extend its functionality beyond browsers to other applications. User having the option to select the applications that he/she needs the keylogger to be active on.
And of course, someway of establishing the app's creditibility with the security suite(s) and anti-spy software

Yesterday, was composing a long email and suddenly IE crashed and lost the entire draft (45mins work lost).
ANd this is not the first time that I lost typed text (powerfailure, software crashes, accidental pressing of wrong keys - are some of the reasons)

Was wondering if there is a good tool (similar to keylogger but less the spyware part) that will log the typed text (preferably including formatting) and realtime autosave in the background

Any suggestions?

I think I almost got what I was looking for.

Looks like Notelens meets the need. OK sofar.
Though has an unwanted feature - Outlook sync, which I guess is the reason for the bulkiness (occupies 28MB memory in my system)
But saves notes as separate .txt files
Possible to import existing .txt files. Notelens just indexex these files. Does not change the location
For syncing, just sync the xml file (I guess).
Will try out for a few days and update the
Thanks to CRUSH for providing the link

For me, what is important is very small footprint (better so if the application remains closed but can be fired open in negligible time using Directaccess or Activewords hotkey), allowing me to jot my notes and gets closed in a jiffy.

I have tried evernote, surfulator and a host of other applications. Each have its merits and demerits.
Of late, I am using simple .txt files (windows notepad) to capture the notes and use a simple activewords macro to "saveas" using text in the first line of the note.

Then I use X1 (any free desktopsearch application would do good as well) to search for any content that I have captured.
I also use recentx to quickly getback to a note if I had saved it in the preceeding few days (usually to-do notes)

One may ask why do I make it so complex when there are tons of notes applications that can accomplish this and contain all the notes in a single database.

Ideally yes. But I hesitate to commit myself to any propereitary format for obvious reasons. Besides, most of the notes taking software do not get indexed by desktopsearch applications (I use X1) readily.

Then there is the issue of synchronizing across computers (between my laptop and desktop). A big problem I faced when I was trying out the regular note taking applications (Evernote et al) was maintaining the sync between my laptop and desktop PCs. If I fail to sync the datafile when I switch from desktop to laptop and vice versa, I end up having notes spread over two data files necessitating a manual cut and paste of data. I tried to maintain two databases "laptop-datafile" and "desktop=datafile" and manually sync them once a week.
Works fine!. But then, I don't get the data when I need it, unless I network my laptop and desktop and perform a  manual sync first.
Evernote had been quite friendly in manual syncing in the older versions, thanks to the xml export feature. The newer version of evernote makes synchronization automatic. However, still I need to couple my laptop and desktop together or couple my USB Drive.

How do I manage keeping laptop and desktop in sync with my current approach of simle .txt files.

I happen to own syncback SE and some web storage space. I have set auto uploading of newly created .txt files into the webspace (both in my laptop and desktop computers). Being small in footprint, .txt files get uploaded/downloaded instantaneously and only the files that needs to get copied or deleted gets transported making the sync process simple, efficient and completely transparent.

I cant do this web based sync to a single database notes file (say an evernote datafile or mybase datafile) which gets bulkier by the day

Net, I have a delicate system to handle my notes. But it works and meets my needs.
WHat I do miss is a software, that can compile all txt files in a folder/subfolders and show them as folder tree structure combined with a viewer editor. To put in other words, a notes software that saves individual notes as separate txt files (or rtf files) in the same folder tree structure. Not to mention, with good search capability.

Any thoughts?

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: List of disc catalogers
« on: April 01, 2007, 08:43 PM »
I am, for several years, in the lookout of a cataloger with indexing capability (something similar to the desktop search tools). I use X1 for indexing my desktop. Unfortunately, it does not support disc spooling.  Any recommendations

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