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  • Wednesday October 28, 2020, 10:17 pm
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@Target: Thanks! It's not very obvious but, you're right! There is an option built-in to WinRAR which allows you to do what I need it to do. It's on the attached screenshot.

It even works, sort-of, from the right-click menu. When you select a bunch of folders (or files) then right-click and choose Add to archive..., when you switch to the Files tab, the files are pre-entered in the Files to add field. It's just a matter of checking the Put each file to separate archive box and it's doing exactly what I needed it to.

Thanks for all of your time and suggestions! I've got what I wanted and didn't even have to install another piece of software. (Except for Trout which is making me very happy I installed it!)

Hey, skwire, I guess adding it to SpinZip would work as long as I could drag-n-drop a handful of folders onto it and have it zip each dragged folder individually. Of course, I would prefer if it used RAR, but if that's not an option, ZIP works. Since any coding I do is in JavaScript or ActionScript/Flex, I have no idea of what's involved in calling another program or registering an extension with the shell -- that's getting way beyond my level of competence or understanding.

Meanwhile, while I was at the Skwire Empire, I downloaded Trout and I'm testing it out right now. I think I'm going to love it. Besides everything else, it's CPU usage is barely registering on Process Explorer. That's important to me as a web developer since I'm usually running Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera when I'm building and they're all resource hogs. A lot of times, I have to work with no music at all since iTunes and even MediaMonkey use magnitudes more cycles than Trout. Working without music = Horrors!

Thanks for the suggestion, Slowmaker. You're right about it sounding like it should be what I need (minus the right-click functionality).

But after trying it and spending a few hours playing with it, I'm finding that
  • the program uses way too much of my CPU, taking up one entire core of my quad core, and
  • it gets "stuck" pretty often, freezing mid-operation and refusing to interrupt its task, so I have to kill the process in Task Manager.

I can't figure out what is special about the files it gets stuck on -- some are very big, others small, some early in a batch and some late. I did notice that it is very picky about filenames, throwing up errors if there are periods in the file or folder name.

So, while it was a good suggestion, it's still not what I need.

I'm hoping that the lack of responses other than yours is just due to the New Year holiday and that I might get other suggestions next week.

Using Windows Explorer in Vista with WinRAR (or 7zip) installed, when I right click on a group of archives, there is a menu choice to Extract each archive to separate folder in WinRAR (or Extract to "*\" in 7zip). I have a number of folders, each with hundreds of subfolders and I need to create .zips or .rars of each subfolder. (I'll be posting these archives to Usenet, so RARs are preferred). Doing them one at a time is going to drive me mad.  :-\

I'd like to see a simple right-click menu item saying Compress each folder to separate archive. Choosing this command will take each folder in a group of 2 or more selected folders and RAR (preferably) or ZIP each folder to a separate archive in the same directory (using the program defaults for creating archives). Or, if they are right-click-dragged to another folder, the option will be Compress each folder to separate archive here, creating the archives in the target directory.

I don't think recursiveness is required since it's not offered in the Extract... command this is mirroring and might make things too complex.

Doable? Soon, maybe?

 :Thmbsup: Thanks for this! I've been looking for an app like this for ages, and when I saw it mentioned on LifeHacker, I got a big smile on my face, flew over here and joined up!

I have a request for the app, which actually would sort of help with the "real random" issue Coeluh is talking about. Right now, when you are dragging files out of the list and into a folder you are copying them. If you also had the choice to MOVE the files to the new folder, running PickMe again on the original folder wouldn't be able to have any duplicates! (I know this isn't really what Coeluh is thinking about, but...)

This would be very useful for me, since I'm trying to break up a folder of a couple of thousand images into several sets of 100. Is this possible?

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