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Post New Requests Here / Re: Dvorak keyboard converter
« on: February 14, 2007, 04:46 PM »
  I'm currently running in Linux, but the context of the question as asked on the PCLinuxOS Forum was like this:
  Somebody was interested in a piece of hardware that would be placed in between the keyboard and the computer?  that would interpret keystrokes from a dvorak keyboard and output them as qwerty and vice-versa.  The OP was thinking along the lines of having two kyboards attached at the same time, and not have to alter the computer settings to use either one or the other. 
  To do that in linux, it is required to open the control center, select the hardware configuration tab, select dvorak keyboard in the keyboard options, and exit the control center.
  For windows, this can actually be set up in the "Language and regional options" in the control panel, and as it seems it can also be displayed as a menu already on the taskbar.  Had I looked through a friends windows install earlier I would not have posted this, as it seems that M$ has already provided a solution to this.
  thanks for considering this post, and I'll do a little more research before I post next time.

Post New Requests Here / Dvorak keyboard converter
« on: February 11, 2007, 05:36 PM »
This is probably one for one of the script machine gurus.  How about creating a script that will change the keyboard layout on Windows from any given language (the default) to dvorak, and back again. 
  From recent discussion on another forum, it was asked if there was a Mnufacturer that makes a hardwired keyboard that will allow a user to type dvorak without changing the settings on th computer, but I thought I'd ask here and see if a script was more feasible.
 Some things it should include are:
  Tray Icon with indicator as to which layout is active
  Ability to switch with the mouse, (who can find the ctrl+? for hotkey operation?)
  it would be even better if a per user config could be set up ( so logging into a certain account would trigger the last state for that user, making it transparent almost to non dvorak users)
  A Linux equivalent,  although that's easy for anyone familiar with linux.

Anyway, just an idea.  Hope someone jumps on it.

Active Ports by smartline software is an extremely basic, yet super functional utility.  Shows all relative inf, has a chart of the most commonly intruded upon ports, and their intruders, and lets you boot a connected address quickly.  I highly recommend it.

got it hate it.

It's really very slow compared to a xampp install with eGroupware, even on a slow, old machine.
I've been looking for a good groupware app myself, but It's like trying to find a leprauchans pot o' gold.

for web based try eGroupware, very user friendly, very configurable.

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