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Living Room / Re: Do Not Buy a Smartwatch Right Now
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:38 AM »

I'm still relying on my trusty Pebble. Nobody has come anywhere near making a better "smart" watch imo.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: BazQux Reader - Mini-Review
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:47 PM »
BazQux can act as a feed-reader for YouTube channels

Oh this is cool! I use Newsblur and after you mentioned Bazqux doing this I checked and Newsblur has this functionality. With both Twitter and YouTube, I find the signal to noise ratio to be bad. I miss most of it, especially what I want to see. Following a handful of important ones in my feed reader fixes that. Both Newsblur and Bazqux solve for this.

It has been years since I last tried Bazqux, I'm checking it out again today. My initial impression is that it's definitely faster, and the filter options are really cool. It's a bit abrasive and I find the topography a lot less pleasant, especially for long-form reading. I'm considering subscribing. If I did, would it replace newsblur, or would I use both to consume different types of information? Time will tell!

You've been using it a while -- any pro tips? I'm still feeling my way around the different viewing options.

JPG format really doesn't do websites/text well. If you want clarity, PNG is just going to work a lot better. Personally, I'd use the Awesome Screenshot extension for the capture and then run the image through to optimize file size.

Brave has really come a long way since its early days, it's sufficient (if elegant and understated). Vivaldi is a better fit for me, but that's me.

I kind of roll my eyes at their creator payment system, I don't think it'll go anywhere but it's a nice idea.

As someone who works in digital marketing/advertising, I'm torn between the appeal of anonymity and just having everything out there so I can observe the marketing/remarking. One thing that's really interesting to me is that the comfort that comes from running a browser that claims first class tracker blocking really creates a false reassurance. The good it serves is shutting down some truly bad-agents -- but it hardly slows down the really big agents. First-party data is still being tracked, that data is still being shared with big data brokers, and then being-reshared with other really big agents.

You can still search for a place in Liberia on Google, land on Air BNB, be served ads for Liberia BNBs on Facebook and then served ads elsewhere for the same content... Truly hiding requires a ton of inconvenience - VPN, kill cookies... ya'll know the drill.

Anyway, I've been running a little experiment lately, running Chrome/Vivaldi/Brave in tandem and recording my web experience.

Sorry for rambling. All I really wanted to say was first time I tried Brave, it was terrible. It's pretty good, now. I'd take it over Safari, IE or Firefox and it has potential to compete with vivaldi for casual browsing. As a developer, Chrome/Vivaldi are necessary.

I was excited to see this story in my reader. Very nice, congrats! Nice to see the two sites bromance evolving ;)

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