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Circle Dock / Re: Major impact on Graphics Speed.
« on: May 10, 2009, 07:22 AM »
You might want to try the following workaround that really HIDES the dock and not just makes it transparent: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=16007.0

The problem I see is that the middle button is typically used to hide/show the dock and Circle Dock won't know if you intended to hide/show the dock or if you wanted to open a program.
-VideoInPicture (November 12, 2008, 11:27 AM)
I won't agree on that: a lot of people use middle button to open/close tabs in Firefox, for example, or in ICQ messengers like QIP, and these got used to "open in a tab or new window and leave what I have here untouched" behavior when middle-click, so an option to "open and hide" when left-clicked and "open and stay" when (e.g.) middle-clicked would be nice.

Circle Dock / Re: Cool iris problem
« on: January 05, 2009, 07:04 AM »
Here is the beginning of the script:

GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class ; this is just my list - here you should list and put all the elements of your CD as it might not work with my list. This is the sickest part of the script - I found their ahk_class through launching http://www.autohotke...nimizeToTrayMenu.ahk script, then hiding all elements using it, then rewriting all the classes from the script's tray (printscreen and OCR will do fine as well) here. I bet there should be an easier way, but I don't know it, and this might also cause you problems if you add new elements...
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 2b04c8
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class c0444
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 2603a0
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 130474
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 11035a
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 23064c
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 60d3e
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 160376
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 2503a6
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 66067c
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 24039c
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 33056a
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class ld0438
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 507cc
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 80cc2
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 40d52
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 40d4a
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 2907a8
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 3705f2
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 507b4
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class lf07ba
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 5079e
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 507ae
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 40d02
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 60778
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 40d22
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 14059a
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 507c4
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 21045e
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class e0ce4
GroupAdd, Dock, ahk_class 37052e

F13:: ;put your hotkey for launching the script here
if OnOff != 1
WinHide, ahk_group Dock
OnOff := 1
WinShow, ahk_group Dock
WinActivate, ahk_group Dock
OnOff := 0

#IfWinActive ahk_group Dock ;this part tells the dock to hide when left-mouse is clicked
Sleep, 50
if OnOff != 1
WinHide, ahk_group Dock
OnOff := 1

DRAWBACKS: This is the script itself, but you ALSO must turn off the option "auto hide CD when application is launched or folder is opened" - that is, we disable CD's auto-hiding mechanism which is independent of OUR ahk-script - so, if you lose your CD and it won't toggle, it could have auto-hidden itself... In case it's lost, just exit the CD and AHK and relaunch them. It also goes without saying that you need to have Autohotkey installed on your machine. And also note that you will have to exit the script if you are going to drag-drop something as otherwise it will be hidden by the AHK-script... Yes, I know it's SICK, but the redrawing issues are even worse.

Circle Dock / Re: Cool iris problem
« on: December 11, 2008, 08:02 AM »
dazzaa, take a look here: https://www.donation....msg141435#msg141435
I've had the same problem and dealt with it by writing an Autohotkey script that REALLY hides Circle dock, but I do hope future CD releases would somehow fix it.

Circle Dock / Re: [bug] Circle Dock screen redraw problem - GDI Issue?
« on: December 09, 2008, 08:05 AM »
CircleDock was causing artifacts in CoolIris extension for Firefox as well, so I worked out a lame workaround - I made an Autohotkey script that would WinHide and WinShow all the ahk_class Window titles that I had to find manually. Implementing transparency fade in-out should not be much of a problem, I believe, but actually HIDING CircleDock in the future release would help a lot.
P.S. Anyone here?..

Circle Dock / Re: [bug] Circle Dock screen redraw problem - GDI Issue?
« on: December 08, 2008, 06:04 AM »
Ok, the first (total screen redraw problems) issue disappeared once I got rid of the /3GB switch in boot.ini. I dug in and found out that Windows automatically reduces desktop heap from 48MB to 20MB once the switch is added. But I actually do need the switch to let applications use more RAM, and CircleDock provokes the issue...

The second screen redraw annoyance (screenshot 5) is still present, and changing z-level, opacity and other settings won't help. Does CircleDock minimize itself as a normal application, or does it 'hang' transparently in the desktop area? Then what about minimizing CD right after the fadeout animation and maximizing it again before fadein animation? I'm no expert in programming so I have no idea of how it works, but that would be REALLY helpful.

Circle Dock / [bug] Circle Dock screen redraw problem - GDI Issue?
« on: November 15, 2008, 05:51 AM »
First of all, thank you for your wonderful CircleDock! I finally got rid of those ugly icons on my desktop, which is now totally clean and empty ;)

Now to the bug. I've began experiencing screen redraw problems since I've installed all the necessary applications on the new PC. It begins happening after some time of work and disappears after the reboot, and with some programs more often than another. For example, I get a CircleDock-shape black zone in ACDSee when viewing pictures - see the images attached. Or I get a black desktop background with CircleDock-shape remainances of the image. Another program that toggles the issue greatly is Adobe Photoshop CS4 (trial) that uses OpenGL to redraw the images being edited - I usually get a black CircleDock shape on the screen instead of the image... The issue in Photoshop disappears once I turn off the OpenGL GPU-based acceleration. The funny thing is that CircleDock is the only thing that works as expected in that unstable environment  :D

I have also had issues with screen redraw problems in Firefox 3 - they tend to appear at about the same time as ACDSee issues. There is a thread on the Internet about the FF's problem, and it suggests it is a GDI object leak issue. Indeed, Firefox is a GDI-hungry application (Task manager - View - Select columns - GDI objects). At the moment my Firefox uses over 1000 GDI objects, while my CircleDock uses 570, and the issue seems to be trigerred when several GDI-hungry applications are launched.

But the thing that tells me it's something to do with CircleDock is in the last attached image (I only managed to take a picture of it with a camera). With none of the above-mentioned issues, even after a reboot when I change tabs in Firefox or switch images in ACDSee, especially those sites or images of a different color, for a mere moment I can see the CircleDock shape... As if it affects screen redraw greatly... It is not an issue as is I believe, but it is a bit irritating as I'm running a new computer (NVIDIA 8800 GTS512MB with latest drivers @ 1920x1200 single monitor, Windows XP Home SP3).

So I would be greatly pleased If you could investigate the issue as uninstalling CircleDock for me is almost unexceptable :)

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